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Orange County Appliance Repair

About Us

Orange County Appliance Repair Service was founded by a team of independent repair professionals who were committed to raising the standards for customer service in the appliance repair industry.  We repair and maintain large household and commercial appliances of all makes and models: air conditioners, ovens, stove tops, garbage disposals, refrigerators, freezers, dishwashers, washing machines, dryers – you name it! Above all, we never forget that our continued success rests on providing customers with the best appliance repair and maintenance services in all southern California.

Our team

You must have heard people claim that they just don’t make appliances (or anything else) like they used to. The truth, however, is that today’s hi-tech appliances are generally significantly more capable than the clunkers we grew up with and have the added bonuses of better style and energy efficiency. They can be temperamental, though, and therefore only proper care by trained repair professionals will ensure that they run at optimal performance for years to come. Each of our factory trained service technicians is an expert in their chosen field (refrigeration, laundry machines, cooking appliances, etc.). Whatever make and model of appliance is giving you headaches, Orange County Appliance Repair Service will choose the best-qualified crew member for your individual repair job. (In the rare event that we cannot fix your problem, we will refer you to one of our reputable partners or affiliates in the Orange County area who can!)

Our equipment

Orange County Appliance Repair Service has all the tools and equipment needed to get the job fast and to get it done right! While every business is trying to cut expenses these days, we refuse to follow the examples of some of our competitors when it comes to installing low-cost generic spare parts in our customers’ appliances. When it comes to appliances and appliance repair, one size definitely does not fit all. That’s why we only utilize manufacturer-approved spare parts backed by factory warranty. We keep over ninety percent of the most commonly needed replacement parts in stock, which usually allows us to avoid the delays of having to wait for parts to come in. We can therefore often finish the job on the initial service call, which is a win-win for everyone! Because we at Orange County Appliance Repair Service are also committed to environmental consciousness, all of our service techs have both the tools and the training to properly transport and dispose of any refrigerants or other contaminants.