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DCS Brand Appliance Repair in Orange County

dcs-appliances-logoDCS appliances are the first choice for indoor and outdoor appliances to professionals and home cooks alike. This high-performance brand has been providing a variety of well-built cooking equipment since the 1980s. We can help you at Orange County Appliance Repair to extend the life of your DCS home appliance. We are the professionals when it comes to DCS appliance repair.

History of DCS Appliances

DCS appliances have been creating beautiful, top of the line appliances since the late 1980s. These products have set the bar in quality, commercial grade appliances. Their appliances are made to perform precisely for both professional and home chefs. Many people in Orange County depend on DCS appliances for their home or their business. They also depend on us at Orange County Appliance Repair to make sure that their products are always working when they need them.

Featured DCS Appliances

DCS Cooking & Baking Appliances

Outdoor Appliances

  • Grills and Grill Carts
  • Sideburners
  • Refrigeration
  • Beer Dispensers
  • Beverage Chillers
  • Patio Heaters

DCS home appliances offer many different ranges for families and businesses to choose from. DCS appliances offer single and double wall ovens, and have different models to choose from. The wall ovens are very spacious and can easily accommodate a family kitchen. Home cooks could enjoy the four burner 30’’ drop in cooktop, that is small in size but mighty in power.

Professional cooks however, may prefer the larger, 48’’dual fuel range that has six burners and a grill. This range uses natural gas and is made from stainless steel. If you notice a gas odor around your range or if your range isn’t lighting properly or if it isn’t lighting at all this indicates a problem and could result in a gas leak that could be a serious danger for your family. At Orange County Appliance Repair we care about our neighbors safety and we are here to help if you are having problems with your gas range.

DCS Dishwashers

DCS appliances offers a unique take on dishwashers with their DCS DishDrawer™ line of dishwashers. The dishwashers are attractive in form, having either a stainless steel, brushed stainless steel or an integrated materials finish. The sizes of the DCS dishwashers varies and yours can be either 24-36’’ ranging from single to double doored. The single drawer accommodates seven places settings, and the double drawer accommodates fourteen. This option offers variety so you can have your pick at which DCS dishwasher accommodates your Orange County kitchen best.

It’s the quality of these dishwashers that takes really impresses DCS’s customers, There are nine wash cycles including Eco options and they are equipped with smart drive technology which means greater reliability. Even these dependable DCS dishwashers can have problems at times, whether you’re receiving an error message on your dishwasher or there’s a leak in your DCS dishwasher drawer contact us at Orange County Appliance Repair to repair it and we can fix it before the damage worsens.

DCS Refrigerators and Freezers

The integrated refrigerators at DCS appliances have been carefully designed so that when installed, they blend in seamlessly into the decor of the home kitchen. The integrated refrigerators from DCS can come with a bottom freezer, a french door style or you can have the best of both worlds with french doors and a bottom freezer. The models with ActiveSmart™ technology adapts the amount of energy used on this appliance based on how often you use it, which conserves energy and saves you money.
These integrated refrigerators tend to last longer in the kitchen and not easily moved, that’s why you should choose a trusted mechanic. At Orange County Appliance Repair we are experts on integrated refrigerators and our service is professional and friendly. DCS also has their signature cool drawer appliance in their line, which is stylish and versatile making it easy to install anywhere in your home.

DCS Awards for Excellence

DCS appliances has created designs that are outstanding in quality and craftsmanship. This hard work had been recognized by several organizations as listed below

  • DishDrawer wins the Stringer Award at the BeST Awards run by the Designer Institute of NZ
  • Mingay’s Annual Achievement Awards Best Dishwasher – Australia
  • Prestigious Gold Award from Industrial Designers Society of America and wins first overall and first in Major Appliances in American Appliance Manufacturers Magazine: “Excellence in Design” Award
  • Best New Dishwasher and Third Place Overall Winner Category in the Kitchen & Bath Business Product Innovator Award
  • Home Magazine USA American Building Products Award
  • Today’s Homeowner USA Best New Product

Design at DCS

Please see some of the many exceptional design features that are unique to appliances part of the DCS brand.

  • The Sealed Dual Flow Burners™ allows you to heat your burner at the desired heat for your dish, and to gently simmer pans on any other burner as well
  • The smallest details like the illuminating light around the knobs of range notifies you so that you’re aware of the controls of the appliance.
  • Refrigerators at DCS are made spill safe by using cantilevered glass, and organization is easier because of their easy to remove and arrange shelves
  • The conveniently compact Cool Drawer™ which has the ability to changes from refrigerator to freezer by simply touching a button was designed to transform its temperature to meet whatever needs a family may have whether it’s storing ice cream, fresh fruit or even bread

DCS Brand Sustainability

In Orange County all of us try to reduce our carbon footprint, that’s why it’s refreshing to see DCS appliances take steps to reduce theirs through the years. One way they have done this is by using packaging that reduce or recycled, which reduces the amount of old packing materials that are being sent to a landfill.

We at Orange County Appliance Repair support this brand by giving our repair services to our neighbors at a low cost, making their DCS energy efficient home appliance continue to work well into the future.
DCS appliance brand has consistently striven to have a minimal impact on the the environment.