Viking Warming Drawer Repair

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Viking Warming Drawer Repair

Viking Warming Drawer RepairViking warming drawers are one of those things that many people think they don’t need until they finally have one. Once you have regular access to the warming drawer, it doesn’t take long before you’re using it all the time. Most of us don’t even realize how much we’ve come to depend on the warming drawer until we find ourselves in need of Viking warming drawer repair. It’s at this point that we start to wonder how we ever managed to live without out it.

Fancy things you can do thanks to your warming drawer include:

  • Keeping food warm when a loved one is running late
  • Keep crisp foods crispy thanks to the drawer’s humidity control
  • Adjust the temperatures so the food perfectly suits everyone’s unique tastes
  • Keep one portion of the meal warm and ready to serve while you finish another part

Restaurants, bars, and delis use their warming drawers to help keep one customer’s food warm while they rush to prepare the individual’s dining companion’s food.

When you decide to add a Viking warming drawer to your life, you have plenty to choose from. At the moment, the company manufactures and sells 12 different models. Each model has unique qualities, making it possible for everyone to find the one that’s perfectly suited for their kitchen.

When you look at how enormously popular Viking brand appliances are today, it’s difficult to belive that it’s one of the newer appliance repair companies. Brand creator, Fred Carl debuted the first of his kitchen appliances in the 1980’s. Today, about 30 years later, the company is responsible for the creation, manufacturing, and marketing of a long line of high quality kitchen appliances, including the Viking warming drawer. These appliances are wonderfully adapted for both residential and commercial use.

The different Viking warming drawer models include:

VEWD Custom Warming Drawer

This is a heavy duty warming drawer that’s perfect for anyone who doesn’t have previous experience or super high expectations for their warming drawer one they’ve added one to their kitchen. It’s features include:

  • An extra powerful heating element
  • Temperature settings
  • Handy indicator lights
  • And more!

RDEWD Warming Drawer

The RDEWD Viking warming drawer is an excellent choice for both home owner, property managers, and business owners who are in need of a user-friendly but high performance model. This particular drawer needs only minimal Viking appliance repair and will provide years and years of service.

Viking Warming Drawers Repair Considerations

While it’s true that Viking warming drawers are very well made and seldom need to be repaired, it’s important to note that there’s a big difference between seldom need repairs and never requiring repairs. The longer you use your drawer, the greater the odds of it getting injured in an accident or an important part wearing out. It’s been our experience that warming drawers that get used for commercial purposes require more Santa Barbara Viking warming drawer repair. Whether you’re an Orange County resident or business owner, your address means you an avail yourself of Orange County Appliance Repair appliance repair services which just happen to be the very best.

The interesting thing about warming drawers is that more often than not, the reason they end up needing to be repaired seems to have less to do with mechanical components failing and more to do with interior or exterior damage, such as getting banged into. Whatever reason your warming drawer needs repaired, we’re right here in Orange County and ready and willing to do handle all your Viking repair needs.

One routine repair that needs to take place every single year is the warming drawer’s silicon. While you could do this yourself, it’s faster and easier to contact us to do it for you. In fact, when you have us out to handle the silicon, you should also ask us to do a routine maintenance call on your warming drawer. Regular maintenance appointments are key factors in keeping your warming drawer in perfect working order.

Speaking of Maintenance

When you book us to handle regular maintenance on your warming drawer, you need to keep in mind that what we do is just a small portion of keeping the Viking appliance running smoothly. Between our maintenance appointments, you will be responsible for keeping the appliance clean. This isn’t nearly as difficult as it might first seem. Once the warming drawer has had an opportunity to cool down, use some warm water to wipe down the pan support and side rails. One you’ve wiped the crumbs and bits of grease from inside the drawer, use a soft cloth dry it. You won’t believe how much these daily cleanings increase the number of years you’ll be able to use the appliance.

Tips for preventing future Viking warming drawer emergency repairs:

  • Before you start using your warming drawer, take some time to make sure it’s been properly installed and read through the owners guide so you can familiarize yourself with the right and wrong way to use the warming drawer. Not only will reading the instructions spare some wear and tear on the warming drawer, also prevents you from ruining any of your favorite meals or dishes.
  • Instruct your kids to stay away from the warming drawer until they’re older. Kids playing with the knobs and handles and breaking them is probably one of the main reason we get Orange County Viking warming drawer emergency calls.
  • Pay attention to the cords and make sure they’re never near any liquids. If you spill something wet and it’s streaming towards the warming drawer power source, shut everything down and unplug the unit. This reduces the odds of an electrical shock destroying the wiring. Don’t plug the drawer back in until the kitchen is once again dry.
  • If you’re kids are using the warming drawer for a project, keep a close eye on them and make sure they don’t slam the door, which can do some damage to the warming drawer.
  • It’s a good idea to unplug the warming drawer before you start cleaning the interior.
  • Don’t try to save money by installing the warming drawer by yourself. Most of the time this ends in disaster and the drawer getting broken before it can even be used. Call us instead. We’re fully qualified to handle the installation, will charge a reasonable rate, and will make sure the job gets done correctly.
  • Make sure you don’t accidently put any closed containers of food in your warming drawer. The longer the food is in the drawer, the more pressure will build up until the container eventually explodes.
  • Don’t install the warming drawer anywhere that it can get wet, such as directly beside you kitchen sink.
  • Don’t use it for storage when you’re not warming food in it. Storing items inside the drawer an do a surprising amount of damage.
  • Keep any and all flammable objects well away from the drawer.
  • If you’re a business owner, make sure all employees are properly instructed to use the Viking warming drawer without damaging it.
  • Don’t place plastic wrapped containers in your warming drawer, the plastic wrap will melt and do a great deal of damage to the drawer.
  • Pay attention and make sure the ducts don’t become obstructed.
  • Open the drawer slowly and keep your face and hands clear of the steam as it billows out the crack you created when you first opened the door. Let the steam clear before opening the door all the way so you can remove the food.

Residential Viking Warming Drawer Repair in Orange County

It wasn’t that long ago when the idea of having a warming drawer in your own home seemed like a luxury only the very wealthy could justify, but those days are long gone. Now there seem to be more Orange County homes with warming drawers than those that are without. What really surprises people is how much they use the drawer. They love being having a way to keep food warm without having it turn soggy the way it does when it’s heated in the microwave.

If you encounter problems with your drawer, don’t panic. Good help in the form of residential Viking warming drawer repair in Orange County is just a phone call away. Not only do we specialize in top quality repairs at budget friendly prices, we also allow you to book an appointment at a time that works for your, not the other way around the way our competition does.

Commercial Viking Warming Drawer Repair in Orange County

Never fear Orange County business owners and managers. Orange County residents aren’t the only ones who will benefit from our superior appliance repair services. You will to. Thanks to our 24/7 customer service and same day emergency service we can have your Viking warming drawer repaired before you even have an opportunity to miss it. We promise to work quickly, provide accurate repairs, and that we won’t disturb your employees or your customers.

Don’t forget that you can count on us to handle your appliance maintenance as well.

Act Today

The biggest mistake many people make when they have a problem with appliances such as their warming drawer is convincing themselves that they’re imagining things or that the problem will sort itself out so they continue to use the appliance. This is a very bad idea. The problem never works itself out. What it really does is get worse so that by the time you do contact us, the work that needs to be done is quite extensive.

The sooner you call us, the better for you and your Viking warming drawer. Once we hear from you, we’ll send one of our highly qualified repair techs to your home and they’ll work hard to resolve the matter.

Don’t forget that our customers get to enjoy something the competition can’t provide, which includes:

  • Provide same day, emergency repairs
  • Are ready and willing to work on weekends and major holidays
  • Only use Viking certified replacement parts
  • Refuse to consider a job complete until your thrilled with the results.

Viking is just one of the brands we enjoy repairing. We have assembled a team that has the education and experience needed to work on a wide assortment of appliances which is why our service includes:

Viking wine coolers are just one of the types of appliances we enjoy repairing. We have team members that have the skills required to fix a wide assortment of appliances. Our service includes:

Contact Us Today!

You deserve all the luxuries you can get and that includes a perfectly functioning warming drawer. No matter how large or small the problem might be, you can rest assured that Orange County Appliance Repair has the tools, knowledge, and resources needed to resolve the matter in a timely fashion. We are proud to not only be the best appliance repair service in Orange County, but to also be the only one that provides each and every customer with a stress free repair experience.

You won’t believe how simple we make repairing appliances.