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Sub-Zero Refrigerator Repair

Sub Zero Refrigerator RepairLaunched in 1945 the Sub-Zero appliance company grew to establish a reputation for quality and innovation. With reliable products that are proudly built in the United States, Sub-Zero Premium grade materials have set the bar for reliability in the industry. If your refrigeration appliance isn’t working properly we at Orange County Appliance Repair will be happy to assist you so that it is up and running in no time. We are the leading provider of Sub Zero appliance repair in Orange County and have been for over a decade.

The History of Sub-Zero Appliances

Sub-Zero Appliances is a family owned business which has been built on the principles of honesty, innovation, and advanced design. They have provided quality products for over 70 years and has continued to thrive because of the excellent customer service that they give to all their clients and their dedication to quality products. Sub-Zero appliances started by creating a functioning freestanding freezer out of scrap metal. Today, their appliances are not just functional but aesthetically beautiful for their owners. Sub-Zero appliances are proudly made in the USA and use only high-quality materials, making their brand the first choice for home cooks and professionals. Make Orange County Appliance Repair your first to fix your Sub-Zero appliance and experience professional and friendly service from your first call.

Sub-Zero Design Features

  • Sub-Zero appliances are built to last long and to look timeless. Their simple, sleek designs never go out of style, and they continue to complement kitchens year after year
  • When families decide to update their kitchens, the majority of Sub-Zero appliances are panel ready which means their cover can be changed to blend into their surroundings so families can keep their quality appliance
  • Unlike most appliances, many of Sub-Zero refrigerators are Kosher approved and have Star-K Kosher Certification. This means they have been proven to meet the strict religious standards which give Sub-Zero a fine reputation in the community

Featured Sub-Zero Appliances

Sub-Zero Full Size Refrigeration

When buying home appliances, we’re sure that having to make expensive repairs wasn’t part of your plan. Refrigerators work hard for their families and are one of the most used appliances in the entire home. At Orange County Appliance Repair we’re equipped with the knowledge that can save your family from losing money on one of the most expensive appliances in the home. Don’t be content with a partially functional refrigerator that cools but maybe your but the ice dispenser isn’t functioning. We can assist you with affordable Sub Zero refrigerator repairs so that you can enjoy your appliance to the full.

Sub-Zero Integrated Refrigerator / Freezer

These refrigeration appliances are available in a variety of sizes, and styles. Your appliance can have refrigeration capabilities only, refrigeration and freezer capabilities or you can choose a model with an ice and water dispenser feature. The available extendable freezer and refrigerator drawers makes groceries easy to store and to access. Dual refrigeration allows the refrigerator and freezer to function independently by separate compressors. This allows food in the refrigerator and freezer to be accessed only when they’re needed preventing unwanted exposure that could spoil food faster.

Sub-Zero Portable  Refrigeration

Over and under refrigerators are the new appliances that are needed in kitchens everywhere in order to complete a families dream home. These flexible compact refrigeration and freezer units are gaining in popularity because their flexibility to be used in any room in the house and their surprising power that does an amazing job at not only storing but cooling and freezing products at a rapid speed. We know that there are many Orange County homes with these appliances, that’s why we’re equipped to use only factory original parts to ensure that your appliance will be as well after repair as when it was when you first bought it.

Sub-Zero Integrated Over-and-Under Refrigerator/Freezer

This flexible refrigeration drawer is portable and the handles of the appliance as well as the front can be can be customized to fit into any room. The Combination Drawer lives up to its name by having combination settings to store whatever you need whether it’s fresh produce or ice cream. The soft close feature on its drawers offers smooth closure and maintains a quiet atmosphere by preventing slamming.

Sub-Zero Wine Storage

Wine connoisseurs and enthusiasts work very hard at researching and gathering the right wine to add to their collections. Sub-Zero wine storage appliances also work hard to protect these precious products from the elements that could harm not just the bottle but the quality of the wine itself. If you start to notice warm temperatures in a wine storage unit, or if your appliance isn’t cooling in warmer months, call us at Orange County Appliance Repair so that we can do a visual exam of the appliance to see why it isn’t working properly. Our certified technicians will work around your schedule to make sure the problem is fixed ASAP.

  • Column Style Wine Storage
  • Over and Under Wine Storage
  • Undercounter Wine Storage

The wine storage refrigeration units at Sub-Zero can come in stainless steel or can be purchased panel ready to be customized to fit the design of the room it will be in. Their appliances can also come with UV-resistant glass which helps to block the sun’s rays that could make precious wine age faster. Sub-Zero knows that a person’s wine collection isn’t just their possession but also can be years of stored memories, that’s why there’s the home security system connection feature that allows families to connect their  Sub-Zero wine storage appliance to the home security system.

Sustainability at Sub-Zero Appliances

Having an energy efficient appliance is important because a family’s large appliances are responsible for nearly ⅓ of the household energy use. Over 30 of Sub-Zero’s appliances have the Energy Star rating, which means that they are proven to use less energy than the average appliance on the market, which is more beneficial for the environment and is cheaper to run. Sub-Zero is committed to going green as a company, that’s why they’ve implemented initiatives such as recycling a variety of materials in their office environments and recycling tons of scrap metal which would’ve gone to a landfill instead.