Viking Wine Cooler Repair

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Viking Wine Cooler Repair

Viking wine cellars are designed in such a way that not only is your wine perfectly chilled each time you want it, but so that sedimentation doesn’t build up in the bottle and premature aging doesn’t take place.

Viking Wine Cooler RepairWhile they might not be as important as your refrigerator, if you have a Viking wine cooler, it’s an important part of your life and you don’t want to see it break down. A key aspect to keeping your Viking wine cooler in good repair and running reliable is contacting us and arranging for yearly routine service appointments which are geared towards maintenance. You’ll find that not only does the routine maintenance keep the wine cellar running smoothly and at peak energy efficiency, but also drastically extends the life of the wine cooler. We are ready and willing to provide Orange County Viking wine cooler repairs on both the brands under counter wine coolers and full height wine cellars.

If you’ve just purchased your Viking wine cooler, you’ll be pleased to learn that the high quality wine cooler is designed to provide you with several years’ worth of dependable, problem free use, which is great. However, the sheer number of problem free years you’ll enjoy make it a huge shock when the day comes that you do need to invest in Viking wine cooler repairs. Technically speaking, you could handle the repairs yourself, but most people who try to do this, ultimately wish they would have contacted us instead. Our professional Viking wine cooler repairs are the single best way to ensure that your unit gets repaired quickly and accurately.

Whether you’re a resident of Orange County or you own a booming local business that sells vast quantities of wine each day, you’ll benefit from our repair services. We understand just how important your wine cellar is to you which is why we work hard to provide you with the timely and accurate repairs you deserve. Our commitment to excellence is one of the many reasons we’re everyone’s first choice when they find themselves in need of Viking appliance repair in Orange County.

Why Orange County Appliance Repair?

There are many reasons why you should choose us instead of any of the other Orange County appliance repair businesses. These reasons include:

  • We understand just how important your Viking wine cooler is to you which is why we’re available at all times, including weekends and major holidays. Contact us at any time of the day or night and let us know about the issue your wine cellar has developed and we’ll resolve the matter as quickly as possible.
  • We have the technical knowledge and experience needed to repair the wine cooler properly the first time you contact us. Our team of repair experts is the best in the business. Not only do they have a great deal of hands on experience, they have also taken the time to become factory certified. They’re standing by, waiting for your call.
  • We refuse to use cheap generic replacement parts in any appliance we repair. We firmly believe that the repair is only as good as the parts used in it which is why we’re committed to only using Viking certified replacement parts.

We urge you to contact other local appliance repair services and inquire about the type of work they do on their customer’s Viking wine cellars. We’re confident that once you’ve spoken to our competition, you’ll return to us. We offer the best customer service and repairs in town!

Common Viking Wine Cooler Repair Issues

The durability and quality of wine cellars made by Viking means you’ll be able to go several years without a single glitch in the way they operate. Sadly, an appliance has yet to be created that can run forever. Someday, you’ll have to consider Viking wine cooler repairs.

Problems we constantly find when responding to calls about faulty wine coolers include”

The contents aren’t cold enough. This problem can be caused by:

  • Fans that are no longer functioning properly
  • Dirty or damaged condenser coil
  • Somehow the thermostat has gotten set to high. We suggest keeping somewhere between 38-40 degrees which results in a nicely chilled bottle of wine
  • If the fan is no longer working properly, cold air can’t circulate through the uni and you’ll pull out a warm bottle of wine. You should also check to make sure the vents are blocked, which can also lead to a too warm Viking wine cooler.
  • The compressor or capacitator need to be repaired.

The contents are too cold. This problem can be caused by

  • The thermostat was set too low and needs to be increased
  • The fan isn’t working properly and most likely needs to be replaced, although sometimes a simple readjustment can correct the problem.

We get some calls about a Viking wine cooler that has started making all sorts of strange noises. These noises can be a sign that:

  • The internal fan and the compressor need to be lubricated. This is an easy problem to both diagnose and repair.
  • One of the fan’s screws has worked itself loose and we need to tighten it back up.

The Importance of Quality Professional Viking Wine Cooler Repair

If you were located anywhere other than Orange County, finding the type of professional service needed to repair your Viking wine cooler and keep it in tip top shape might be difficult, but your Orange County location allows you to use us, and authentic Viking repair service that enjoys the distinction of being the best in the city. Even so, we urge you to take your time and research all of the repair possibilities. We’re confident that one you do, you’ll contact us and book a repair appointment.

When you start looking for reliable Viking wine cooler repair services, you need to check out:

  • That the business is properly licensed and trained-You Viking wine cooler might look like a simple appliance, but looks can be deceiving. In reality it’s quite complex and care needs to be taken when it’s being repaired. The only way to make sure the company that you’ve enlisted to do the work is up to the challenge and won’t do more harm than good is making sure they’re properly qualified. The appliance repair company your considering shouldn’t have any reservations discussing their certifications or showing you their business license.
  • A great deal of experience-Now that you understand just how sophisticated your Viking wine cooler really is, you should realize that anyone who doesn’t have a great deal of experience dealing with this particular type of appliance shouldn’t be allowed to do any work on it. We have an entire team of experts at our disposal. Each member of the team has spent year working on Viking wine cellars and has also taken the time to get factory certified. The training and experience makes it possible for them to quickly diagnose the problem you’ve encountered it, before making a fast and accurate repair.
  • Look for a number of positive reviews-You don’t have to take the appliance repair service’s word that they have what it takes to get your Viking wine cellar running smoothly again. You can confirm what they say by asking around and finding out what other people who have used the company in the past felt about the quality of work and level of customer service they received when they hired the appliance repair service.

After you have done all this, we’re confident that you’ll realize what so many others in Orange County have already discovered. That we’re the absolute best Viking appliance repair option in the entire city.

Is Investing in Viking Wine Cooler Repair a Good Idea

Simply by purchasing a Viking wine cooler, you have already made a substantial investment. Take a look at the current prices and ask yourself if this is really the type of investment you want to make a second time? If not, take some time and explore your Viking wine cooler repair options. We’re confident that when you do, you’ll be surprised to learn exactly how economical the repairs are, especially when you consider that they’ll allow you to continue to use your same wine cooler for several more years.

Only you can decide if wine cooler repairs are a good idea in your given situation, but we do think you should consider all of your options. When you contact us, we’ll happily provide you with a free, no obligation written estimate. You can trust this estimate. The total on your final invoice won’t be higher. Once you have our estimate, we urge you to contact other appliance repair services in Orange County and discuss how much they’re willing to charge for the project. If you get an estimate that’s lower than the one we provided, let us know and we’ll match it.

When you stop and think about it, you have nothing to lose by contacting us and everything to gain.

Call today or fill out our online service application. We’re looking forward to resolving your wine cooler problems.

Why you should Choose Orange County Appliance Repair for your Viking Wine Cooler Repairs

Hands down, we’re the best Viking wine cooler repair business in Orange County and it’s a title we worked hard to achieve and have zero intention of relinquishing it. From now until forever, we’re committed to providing each and every one of our customers with an outstanding repair experience. When you contact us about the repairs you require, you’ll enjoy:

  • How willing we are to handle both large and small wine cooler repair problems
  • Our 24/7 emergency repair service which is available even on all major holidays
  • That in addition to emergency repair service, we also provide regularly scheduled maintenance appointments
  • We have the ability to help you understand your Viking wine cooler ability and to explain how it impacts your repair options.
  • We’ll answer any and all questions you have regarding our Viking wine cooler repair service
  • Our complete and total honesty

Ask us About Routine Maintenance

In our many years of business, it hasn’t escaped our attention that if more Viking wine cellar owner would learn more about how to properly maintain their wine cooler, there would be fewer emergency repair problems. We are a big part of that maintenance. Not only can we teach you tips about how to keep your wine cooler running smoothly, you can also count on us for yearly (or more frequent for older models) maintenance appointments during which we’ll address signs of problems that we observe. In the long run, these routing maintenance calls will save you a bundle!

Don’t forget we:

  • Provide same day, emergency repairs
  • Are ready and willing to work on weekends and major holidays
  • Only use Viking certified replacement parts
  • Refuse to consider a job complete until your thrilled with the results.

The best time to contact us about our Orange County Viking wine cooler repair service is the moment you realize there’s something wrong with your wine cooler. The only thing ignoring the problem and hoping it will resolve itself accomplishes is making matters worse. We have an entire team of repair experts standing by who can’t wait to provide you with the top quality repairs you deserve.

Call today to book an appointment!