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Washer Repair Newport Beach

Most of the people living in Newport Beach have become increasingly aware of the amount of money they spend each month just to keep their home running. In an effort to reduce household expenses, and because they want to take advantage of federal tax credits, most of the home owners have replaced their old, clunky washing machines with newer, energy efficient models. What many people don’t realize is that in order to stay energy efficient, the newer washing machines need to be properly cared for and maintained.

At OC Appliance Repair we take pride in the fact that in addition to hiring only the most experienced factory certified washing machine repair techs, we also make sure they have the tools and part that the manufacture recommends using for washing machine repairs. When contact us about a washing machine repair call to Newport Beach you’ll find that in addition to working around your schedule, we also get the machine repaired quickly, and will provide you with information about how you can prevent the problem from happening again.

It doesn’t matter how large or small your washing machine problem might seem, you need to get it take care of. We have extensive experience with the following washing machine problems:

  • Washing machine drainage problems
  • The machine doesn’t completely fill, or fills very slowly
  • It doesn’t spin properly
  • You notice a leak
  • One cycle doesn’t seem to be working properly
  • The machine’s noise has started driving you crazy
  • Malfunctioning spin cycle
  • The display doesn’t work
  • Odd odors when the machine is in use
  • The water temp doesn’t seem quite right
  • You can’t get the door to open or shut properly
  • Your washing machine won’t start

The biggest mistake we see when we take washing machine repair calls to Newport Beach tends to be clients that ignored what their machine tells them, and put off calling us. You need to remember that things like leaks and shorts do more than simply make washing your laundry inconvenient, not only does the excess water damage the flooring and wall near your washing machine and corrode the wiring, but it can also trigger a spark that will lead to a house fire.

It doesn’t matter what time of day or night you need to book the washing machine repair call to Newport Beach, you won’t have to worry about an emergency service charge, not even if you contact us on the weekends or major holidays. We’re ready and able to repair your washing machine and restore order to your home.