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High Quality LG Appliance Repair

LG Appliance RepairA large number of Orange County homeowners have made the decision to stock their homes with LG appliances. This is a sound decision that’s based on several different factors which include;

  • Styles that compliment a variety of interior decorating choices
  • Special features that make life easier
  • Reasonable prices
  • High quality
  • LG appliances have a reputation for being durable and low maintenance

What Low Maintenance Really Means

Although LG appliances have a solid reputation for being low maintenance, you shouldn’t assume they won’t require any work at all. The longer you have your LG appliances, the greater the odds become that something will wear out and you’ll need to get it replaced. The good news is that you’re just a phone call away from the best LG appliance repair services in Orange County. We’ll have your LG appliances up and running in the blink of an eye. You’ll be amazed by how easy the repair process will be.

Problems Commonly Experienced by LG Appliances

While LG has done a great job of using high-quality materials and technology to steadily improve the durability of their appliances over the years, the machines they develop aren’t perfect, and there are still some problems we see every day. The good news is that LG appliances are usually several years old before they develop these problems, AND the work we do usually adds several years of life to the units.

Common LG appliances repair issues we correct include;

  • LG dryers that leave clothes wet after going through a complete cycle
  • LG dishwashers that are leaking
  • LG refrigerators that have stopped keeping groceries cold
  • LG ranges that won’t turn on or fail to heat food evenly
  • LG washing machines that make odd noises during the spin cycle

Are LG Appliance Repairs a Worthwhile Investment?

A malfunctioning appliance is always frustrating. As soon as you realize there’s a problem is natural to start thinking about your finances and to wonder if you should replace the appliance or invest in LG appliance repairs. You’ll be surprised by how often the answer that makes the most financial sense is to get the LG appliance repaired, especially when you use our services. In addition to being fast and doing high quality LG appliance repairs, we’ve also done an excellent job of making sure our repairs services are the most affordable in Orange County.

We’ve spent several years repairing various LG appliances and have found that unless the appliances are very old or in extremely poor condition, that a single repair can add years of trouble free use to the machine, saving you thousands of dollars.

Troubleshooting Your LG Appliances

You’re best course of action when you get home and find your LG appliances have stopped working properly is to take a few minutes and troubleshoot the problem. Knowing exactly what the problem is makes it easier for us to give you a ballpark estimate before we come out and inspect the problem.

Take a minute and check the power cord. Strange things can happen and sometimes cords mysteriously work their way free of the power outlet. In addition to making sure the appliance is plugged in, check and make sure the circuit hasn’t been tripped by a power surge.

If the problem isn’t the result of not getting any power, you take a few minutes to think about how to describe the problem and then pick up the phone and call us.

What You’ll Get From Us

You work hard and deserve a life that’s as free from stress as it can actually be, which is why when it comes to LG appliance repair in Orange County you want to call us. We’re the best in the business and we have gone to great lengths to make sure your experiences with us are always pleasant and professional.

There are several reasons why we’re the best LG appliance repair company in the Orange County area, including;

  • We provide low cost, high quality LG appliance repair
  • Everyone on staff, even our customer service people have extensive knowledge of LG appliance repair
  • Repairs can be handled the same day you call
  • You can count on us 365 days a year
  • Free and accurate estimates
  • No hidden charges
  • Live support available 24/7
  • On site repairs
  • Acceptance of all major credit cards

Repair Service Available for All LG Appliances

One of the things that makes our LG appliance repair services different from our competition is that we have the experience and parts needed to work on all LG appliances. Everyday we repair;

Our People

When it came to assembling our team of LG repair experts, we took our time. We knew we only wanted to work with the best. Today we have a large team who have been factory certified and very experienced. When you contact us, you’ll be delighted by the professional attitude each of our repair experts has. Not only will they deal with the immediate problem, but they’ll look for indicators that you will have additional trouble with your appliance in the future and provide advice about how you can better care for you LG appliances.

The Parts we Use

We have never thought it was fair to expect our highly qualified repair techs to do top quality repair work if they’re using inferior parts. To ensure that every single repair our company handles will last for a very long time, we have a strict policy to only use factory approved parts. The higher quality parts raises our costs a bit, but also allows us to stand behind our work. Our customers have always been very happy with our decision to stick to the LG approved parts.

Get a Free Estimate

If one of your LG appliances has started to develop issues, you shouldn’t stand around, hemming and hawing about what to do. The best course of action will be picking up the phone and getting a free estimate from us. You’ll be glad you did!