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Appliance Repair in Newport Beach

Take Advantage of the Best Appliance Repair in Newport Beach

There’s nothing fun about having to deal with an appliance that has suddenly decided to stop working, but by living in Newport Beach does give you one huge advantage. You get to take advantage of our appliance repair services. There’s no problem that we can’t handle. Not only will we be able to handle any and all appliance problems we also provide the most reasonable prices in all of Orange County.

What We Do

Have you noticed that many of the companies that offer appliance repair services aren’t specialized. They only handle a specific type or brand of appliance. That means you have to take your Whirlpool refrigerator to one shop and make arrangements with another company to fix a GE washing machine. We don’t specialize. Our Newport Beach appliance repair services include:

Every day we respond to calls to fix a variety of makes and models, including:

Our Prices

When you contact us about our appliance repair services you’re going to be surprised by the reasonableness of our prices. They’re lower than anyone else’s. You can check. We will beat any estimate that you get from the competition, and even more importantly we won’t charge you any hidden fees. The number on the final bill won’t be any higher than the estimated cost.

The Quality of Our Services

Don’t assume that because we have reasonable prices that we provide subpar repairs. Nothing could be further from the truth. We have a wonder team of experienced repair technicians who have worked hard to learn everything they can about all different types of appliances. They work quickly and do an accurate job.

Every single one of our technicians is armed with an arsenal of tools and replacement parts. Everything needed to get your appliances running again will be available, and nothing will be inferior quality. When it comes to replacement parts, we have a very strict policy about only using manufacturer approved parts.

We stand behind every single repair we make.

We Make Maintenance Calls

Regular appliance maintenance is very important. Today’s appliances are designed to run for a long time, but they’re not designed to last forever. The best way to keep them running smoothly and keep them as energy efficient as possible is to have us come out at least once a year and look them over. A regular maintenance appointment include

  • Cleaning the appliances
  • Checking the various parts and replacing or repairing anything that shows signs of wear or damage
  • Efficiency checks

As soon as you suspect that one of your appliances has started to develop problems you need to get in touch with us. The phone will be answered by a knowledgeable, live person.