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Whirlpool Appliance Repair

Whirlpool Appliance RepairHigh standards and advanced technology are hallmarks of Whirlpool’s products and they’ve lived up to these standards through the years. These appliances are not only efficient but they are also designed to adapt seamlessly in your household. Whirlpool’s innovative craftsmanship will continue to advance in order to assist families for years to come. Although Whirlpool makes high-quality appliances, they will need the occasional repair. We have over a decade of experience and can handle and Whirlpool appliance repair.

The Humble History of Whirlpool Appliances

The success of the major brand Whirlpool appliance was very uncertain when it had just started out. In 1908 the company had overcame a failed business venture and had to start anew in 1911 as a family investment. With the demand of their products on the rise, Whirlpool began to improve on  its designs so it can better help families in the 1930s despite being in the midst of the Great Depression when most companies were doing major cut backs. Whirlpool appliances experienced major growth in the 1940s which allowed them to steadily improve the quality of their products and to expand into offering a wide variety of different appliances. With over a hundred years outstanding quality under their belt, Whirlpool is continuing to provide excellent appliances and services to their customers.

Featured Whirlpool Appliances

Whirlpool Cooking & Baking Appliances

Whirlpool’s cooking and baking appliances have so much to offer for cooks everywhere!  When investing in your cooking or baking appliance, no doubt its flexibility, style, capacity and overall performance we’re very important factors for you when making your decision. Whirlpool appliances have been exceeding these demands consistently, resulting in millions of satisfied customers around the world. We know that choosing a cooking or baking appliance can be a commitment, that’s why at Orange County Appliance Repair we work so hard to increase the amount of time that you have to enjoy the Whirlpool cooking or baking appliance that you invested in.

Whirlpool Dishwashers

  • Integrated Console
  • Traditional Console
  • Portable Dishwashers

Additional Products

  • Trash Compactors
  • In Sink Disposers

No matter what model of Whirlpool’s dishwasher you have chosen you will find that their appliances have always added the perfect touch to kitchens.  If you noticed that your dishwasher is making unusual noises or it hasn’t been working for you as well as it should, you can rest assured that Orange County appliance repair’s friendly mechanics are equipped to meet your needs. Your dishes, silverware, glasses and other items are precious that’s why it’s important for them to be  cleaned properly by a functioning dishwasher.

Whirlpool Refrigerators

  • French Door Style
  • Side by Side
  • Bottom Freezer
  • Top Freezer

Life in Orange County can be extremely busy and hectic but many have found that having an organized space at home helps families to save time and reduces stress level. Whirlpool has taken this fact into consideration when they designed their refrigeration appliances. Fresh and frozen foods will have  ample space to be stored into when using a Whirlpool appliance. This will  allow you to get what you need quickly and easily. At Orange County Appliance Repair we are well trained in a variety of quick and easy fixes that can help you to maintain the cleanliness and efficiency of your Whirlpool refrigerator.

Laundry Appliances at Whirlpool

  • Top Load Washers
  • Front Load Washers and Dryers
  • Combination Washers and Dryers

Most of us today are looking for opportunities to get as much housework done in the least amount of time possible. Having a large capacity washer and dryer from Whirlpool can definitely help families in that area. However, if your washer and dryer Is out of commission and needs repairs, this can be a huge setback and time waster.  Save yourself time by calling us at Orange County Appliance Repair where we work hard to make sure that your appliances are working efficiently.

Awards for Excellence

Whirlpool has been recognized for their excellence throughout their 100 years of service for providing high grade appliances to customers and also for their dedication to help families in the community.

We’ve listed just some of their many awards below:

 Awards for Product & Brand Leadership

  • 2013 Harvard Business Review/McKinsey MPrize Innovating Innovation Challenge Winner
  • 2012 Silver Edison Best New Product Award – Whirlpool Ace
  • Newsweek’s Green Rankings – Ranked No. 299 overall and No. 6 in Consumer Products in 2012

Awards for Operating Excellence

  • 10 Most Innovative Organizations by Best Innovator ranking, A.T. Kearney together with Época Negócios magazine (Brazil)
  • Forbes and Reputation Institute Top 25 Most Reputable U.S. Companies – From 2008 to 2014.
  • 20 Most Sustainable Companies – Third recognition by Exame magazine (Brazil)
  • Melhores e Maiores/Biggest and Best Company in Electronics by Exame magazine (Brazil)

Sustainability at Whirlpool

As Orange County residents we know that the state of California has been in a drought that seems to have no end in sight, therefore the need for us to conserve water is a priority for all of us in our community. If you’re looking for ways to make your house more green and save on utilities and resources, contact us at Orange County appliance repair and we can happily advise you on what options there are for your household.

  • As a global company, Whirlpool has stepped up to the plate as an industry leader by improving their home appliances so that they will use less water and energy.
  • Whirlpool reduced their greenhouse gas emissions by 6.6% during 2003 to 2012
  • By creating partnerships with various research corporations, Whirlpool’s innovative designs are doing their part to reduce the potential of global warming.

Design at Whirlpool

Since it’s start over 100 years ago Whirlpool’s innovative designs have focused on helping families to have more time together and they will continue to do so for years to come.

  • While thinking of the needs of consumers the Whirlpool appliance brand has created the first energy and water efficient top load washer back in 1998. This has helped families save on their utility bills.
  • The Whirlpool brand continued their innovations back in the year 2013 when they designed an induction cooktop and double oven freestanding range, which made this appliance the industry’s first.