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Treat Yourself to the Best Appliance Repair Aliso Viejo

Just because one of your appliances has stopped working properly it doesn’t mean you need to start shopping for a replacement model. There’s a really good chance that it can be repaired, especially when you contact Orange County Appliance Repair and ask about their services. We take pride in the fact that we can add years to the life of all your appliances.

You’re Going to Love our Appliance Repair Techs

We have the best team of appliance repair experts. Every single member of our repair team has many years of experience and has gone through multiple factory certification processes. You can rest assured that when they respond to a call, they will quickly and accurately repair the problem. You’ll love their friendly, professional demeanor.

Repairing appliances is just one of the things our repair techs do. They also examine each unit they work on and alert clients to any potential problems. You can make arrangements to have them handle yearly maintenance calls which will keep all of your appliances clean and in perfect working order.

We Only Use the Best Parts

Having a great team of professional repair technicians is an important part of making sure each repair project goes smoothly, but we’ve also learned that our staff can only be as good as the parts they use. Before leaving the office, each technician makes sure their vehicle is fully stocked with manufacturer approved replacement parts. It’s been our experience that by sticking to the manufacture parts the repairs last longer and the appliance works beautifully.

Between our top-notch staff and the excellent parts we use, we have no reservations about guaranteeing our repair work.

Types of Appliances we Repair

We have never limited our repair services to one type of appliance repair. In Aliso Viejo you can contact us for a variety of problems, including:

Every single day we respond to calls to fix a variety of makes and models, including:

If you have a Aliso Viejo address you’re welcome to avail yourself of our appliance repair services. We do both residential and commercial appliance repairs. No matter how big or small your problem might be, we’re eager to help out and get things running properly again.

What you Can Expect From Our Appliance Repair Services

When you call us, you will be dealing with the best appliance repair company in Orange County. Reasons our customers love us include:

  • 24/7 customer support
  • Appointments get booked at your convenience
  • A friendly, professional attitude
  • Hassle free repairs
  • The job gets handled properly in a single appointment
  • We accept all major credit cards
  • Same day emergency repairs
  • Top quality parts
  • We repair appliances on weekends, weekdays, and major holidays

We can’t wait to get your appliances working properly. Give us a call today!