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Ice Maker Repair in Orange County

Broken ice makers force customers to settle for drinking room temperature beverages rather than ice cold ones. Not very refreshing, to say the least. Unfortunately, that’s not the worst of it. If you are like most and use an ice maker that is integrated into a refrigerator/freezer combo, its problems could be a symptom of an even bigger problem.

Some Orange County residents will go to just about any length to avoid calling for appliance repair service. Broken ice makers are generally a quick and easy fix for our service pros, yet people will either make ice cubes the old fashioned way with plastic trays or just attempt to develop a taste for lukewarm beverages. Given the reputation of some repair companies, we cannot entirely blame people for their hesitation. No one wants to be ripped off or treated like a number. That is why Orange County Appliance Repair Service has built its reputation on treating our customers with honesty, respect, and consideration. Providing top-notch Orange County appliance repair service at affordable rates has been our mission since we first opened our doors. If you have been putting off getting your broken ice maker fixed, give us a call today and find out just how simple and inexpensive it can be. OC Appliance Repair Service lays it all out in writing for you beforehand and will perform only those services which you agree to. Your only regret will be that you didn’t call us sooner.

In addition to built-in ice makers, we also service dedicated ice making machines. Our certified factory-trained repair professionals are familiar with all makes an models of under-counter, freestanding, and portable ice makers produced by major manufacturers such as Whirlpool, Scotsman, GE, Viking, Sub Zero, KitchenAid, and others. Whether your ice machine is for home or commercial use, OC Appliance Repair Service has the tools and the training to get the job done fast and to get it done right. Keep in mind that it is now against federal and state environmental laws to vent chemical coolants into the atmosphere, which is why our service trucks are equipped with the proper containment equipment to prevent any leaks. We’ve got you covered!

Orange County Appliance Repair Service offers fast and reliable ice maker repair and maintenance service with no gimmicks or hidden charges.

Below are some common ice maker problems which we assess and fix on a regular basis.

  • Leaking machines
  • Unit is frozen over
  • Produced ice is smaller than normal or otherwise misshaped
  • Ice cubes are discolored or appear dirty
  • Ice has a strange odor or taste
  • Ice production slowed / Running out of ice too fast
  • Ice not dispensing properly or dropping without reason
  • Lamp or display features not working
  • Unit feels hot to the touch
  • Excessive noise

Even in this tough economy, iced beverages are one of those simple pleasures that no one should have to live without. OC Appliance Repair Service’s will match any competitor’s pricing, so you really have nothing to lose. Looking for Orange County ice maker repair service? Look no further. Call us at (714) 769-6469 or email us today!