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Refrigerator Repair in Orange County

Refrigerator Repair

Many people like to complain that they don’t make refrigerators or any other kitchen appliances like they used to. There is some truth to this, as the refrigerators being sold in stores now generally cannot withstand the same level of neglect as the clunkers that our parents and grandparents used. Overall, however, current models are far more capable as well as energy efficient (not to mention stylish) than older ones. With proper care, a refrigerator should work as good as new for many years. That part about proper care is the key, however, because the hi-tech features on modern refrigerators make them more delicate and temperamental. Without expert maintenance on a regular basis, the performance and service life of your refrigerator is bound to suffer. Fortunately, Orange County Appliance Repair not only provides expert refrigerator repair and maintenance services but makes the whole process a lot more convenient and affordable than most first-time customers realize.

In this tough economy, going out to eat has become a luxury that fewer Orange County families can afford on a regular basis. Also, many of us are becoming more health-conscious and prefer to eat home-prepared meals made from fresh and organic ingredients. As a result, Orange County households now depend on their refrigerators more than ever to keep their groceries fresh. Let OC Appliance Repair Service keep your fridge running at its best. The cost of routine maintenance is a lot less than you probably think, and will more than pay for itself in the long run when weighed against the expense of buying a replacement. Give us a call today if you are experiencing any of the following:

  • Temperature fluctuations / malfunctions
  • Leaks
  • Increased noise levels
  • Strange odors
  • Interior light no longer working
  • Broken or unresponsive controls
  • Malfunctioning / Non-functioning touch screen
  • Broken thermostat
  • Broken ice maker

If your refrigerator has stopped working completely, remember that Orange County Appliance Repair Service offers same day emergency service at no extra charge. Please call us immediately and keep the doors closed to prevent your groceries from spoiling. Please also keep in mind that venting refrigerants into the air is not only unhealthy but is now also illegal, which is why every repair technician at OC Appliance Repair Service has the proper training and the equipment to ensure full compliance with all federal and state environmental codes when working on your refrigerator. We not only service all makes and models of refrigerators but do so quickly, affordably, and at your convenience. Customer satisfaction is our highest priority, so don’t hesitate to call us today!