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Asko Brand Appliance Repair

brand-askoAsko home appliances have a rich history of creating leading environmentally sensitive home appliance products since their beginnings at a family farm in Sweden. Asko’s appliances are not just easy on the eyes with their choice colors and materials, but they are also highly functional and ergonomical. Asko has received multiple awards for its thoughtful design, high quality
and their excellent performance making their appliances a valuable addition to homes in Orange County.

History of Asko Appliances

The goal in mind for Swedish farmer Karl-Erik Andersson was to build a high functioning washing machine for his mother in the year 1950. This small-town farmer surprised even himself with the success of his first machine. Asko appliances has continued to provide durable, world class home appliances to their international customers. This farmer turned successful appliance engineer set the bar for his company and is a legacy at Asko for providing high-quality well-built appliances.

Featured Asko Appliances

Asko Cooking & Baking Appliances

Offering cooktops that are available in stainless steel, black glass, induction, ceramic and gas, Asko appliances has something for everyone. Asko appliances offer a variety of options in regards to functionality which will help you get the most from your floor plan and better enjoyment in your cooking space. Finding the proper range vent hood can be a challenge, but at Asko appliances, they are sure to have the right one to suit your style. If you’re hearing loud or humming sounds coming from your range vent hood or if the hood isn’t ventilating the smoke properly then Orange County Appliance Repair team are prepared to help. There is no job too large or too small for us.

Asko Dishwashers

Asko kitchen appliances have been built with Scandinavian engineering for more than 60 years, this means that their dishwashers are built with durability and are designed to be appealing for their owners to look at. Some of the most common issues with dishwashers include: A dishwasher not draining, a dishwasher not filling correctly or if your dishwasher stops filling altogether. At Orange County Appliance Repair we have helped many families with these dishwasher problems and our team is on standby for you with 24/7 emergency service to help you when you need it.

Asko Refrigerators

If you’ve chosen an Asko refrigerator for your kitchen, no doubt you have benefited from its storage capacity and its adaptability. Asko’s outdoor refrigerators have excellent energy ratings and they have the ability to be built in or freestanding, allowing you to customize your outdoor space to suit your needs. Also in their refrigeration line is their wine cooler/freezer unit which is extremely stylish and practical, allowing you to store up to 106 bottles and it also has dual cooling zones. If you are ever need Asko refrigerator repair give us a call, we are here to help.

Laundry Appliances at Asko

  • Front Load Washers
  • Tumble Dryers
  • Condenser Dryers
  • Heat Pump Dryers
  • Drying Cabinets

Asko’s laundry appliances offer both the efficiency of a well built machine and the assurance that it will reduce waste that can negatively affect the environment. With their SmartSeal technology, Akso’s home appliances do not have to be cleaned as often and they are built so that they do not leave detergent residue and they also reduce leaking. If in time you start to
notice that your Asko dryer starts to take a long time to dry, or you notice that the washing machine has water left in the drum after it drains, then our team at Orange County Appliance Repair can help you diagnose and fix these problems. We are Orange Counties experts in Asko washer repair.

Asko’s Awards for Excellence

Asko appliances have been the recipients of many awards because of their dedication to providing quality home appliance products. This recognition is important because it allows them to continue to work hard to provide more efficient and innovative appliances in the future.

Good Design Awards

  • 2015 – The ASKO HIG1995AD Duo Fusion has been recognized with a coveted Good Design Award® Red Dot Design Awards
  • 2015 – Three Pro Series cooktops have been awarded with Red Dot Design awards this year
  • 2014 – The Pro Series OCS8676S steam assist oven has a clean and modern design combined with premium functions and features.
  • 2011 – Their D5424 and D5434 dishwashers received this award for their quality, detail, and connection between form and function.
  • 2009 – Their OP8640 oven received this award for its clean and modern design and premium functions and features.
  • 2008 – Their fully integrated washing machines and clothes dryers received this award with our design partner Propeller. Choice Awards
  • 2012 – Their commitment to eco-friendly products was rewarded by Choice who named the W6884ECO washing machine the best product in its category in a survey of top performing appliances. iF Design Award
  • 2008 – ASKO’s line concept of washing machines and clothes dryers.
  • 2003 – Design award winner D3000 dishwasher generation.

Sustainability at Asko

Asko is an international company and have been improving their sustainability through the years so that they can reduce the resources that their appliances are using.

  • By choosing an Asko home appliance you have chosen one that will not only fit your needs but their appliances are also energy efficient and better for the environment.
  • Asko appliances are recommended by Energy Star because they are energy-efficient and environmentally friendly, if you want tips or advice on how to use your Asko appliance in the most energy efficient way feel free to contact our Orange County Appliance Repair team for more information.

Design at Asko

The hallmark of the Asko brand is its elegantly made appliances which are designed to show their simple and yet beautiful

  • Customers have long appreciated the use of subtle simple lines and natural materials. These things are the smaller details in the appliances that makes the Asko appliance brand stand out from other home appliances in the market.
  • Asko home appliance are designed to maximize their functionality and they are never complicated but they take a minimalist approach to their design.