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 Sub Zero Appliance Repair in Laguna Beach

We’ve always been quite impressed with the workmanship that goes into the creation of the entire line up of Sub-Zero appliances. The company has done and excellent job of using the most up to date technology available to improve everything they produce. The Sub-Zero appliances being made today are more energy efficient, have more special features, and work harder than any of the previous models.

In order to work properly your Sub-Zero appliances need to have:

  • Evaporator coils that removes the heat produced by the condenser coil. If this doesn’t work, the Sub-Zero appliance will overheat.
  • Condenser coils which allow the coolant to move through the Sub-Zero appliance. If the coil becomes blocked with dust or pet hair, the fridge won’t stay the cool enough to properly preserve your food.
  • Ice makers seem to be something that now comes pretty much standard on all Sub-Zero refrigerators. While the ice maker is a handy feature to have, it can cause problems. The biggest issue surrounding the built in ice maker are clogs and leaks.
  • A thermostat which monitors and controls the internal temperature, keeping it nice and regular, no matter how hot or cold the air outside the fridge happens to be.

Problems commonly experienced by Sub-Zero appliances that we’re ready and willing to repair include:

Sub Zero Repair in Laguna Beach

  • Broken coils
  • Damaged doors
  • Door seal replacement
  • Clogged ice makers
  • Leaking refrigerators
  • Blocked drains
  • Interior temperature adjustments
  • And more!

As horrible as any one of these problems might seem while you’re standing in front of malfunctioning Sub Zero fridge or freezer, you’ll be pleased to learn that we have the experience and the tools to handle each and every one of them.

Don’t assume the current issue your appliances will be too large for us to manage or too small to interest us. While are time when the problem is large enough on an older appliance for replacement to be the best course of action or minor enough that we can talk you through the repair steps over the phone, it’s impossible to know these things until you contact us. Remember, we provide free, obligation less, estimates and the final bill won’t exceed the estimated amount.

You Deserve the Best Appliance Repair

We’re confident that you could look all over Laguna Beach and talk to hundreds of people and you would always get pointed back to us. We’re simply the best the city has to offer when it comes to Sub-Zero appliance repair. Not only are we a locally owned and managed company, but we also have a long history of serving Laguna Beach and the surrounding areas. The reason we’ve managed to stick around so long while other appliance repair companies have tried and failed is due to the way we treat our customers. From the moment you first contact us to the moment we say good bye after resolving your Sub-Zero appliance repair problem, you’ll be treated like the most important person we’ve ever met, and that’s just one way our customer service is considered amazing.

When you contact us you’ll enjoy:

  • Quality workmanship provided by the best team of Sub-Zero appliance repair experts in the state
  • The use of factory certified parts
  • Free estimates
  • Same day, on site repairs
  • Repairs done on both the weekends and holidays
  • Our attention to detail
  • Budget Friendly rates
  • And more!

A Do it Yourself Sub-Zero Freezer Repair

Believe it or not, the fact that the interior of your Sub-Zero freezer isn’t as cold as it used to be might not be a sign that you need extensive repair work done on it. The problem could be as simple as the appliance has gotten out of balance, which in turn makes it impossible for the appliance to work properly. If you push on the appliance and it rocks, you’ve got a problem. The good news is that a simple re-positioning should correct the issue.

If that simple fix doesn’t correct the issue, it’s time to touch base with us. Common freezer repair issues we address on a daily basis include:

  • Broken seals
  • Lights that won’t turn on
  • A unit that has started using way too much energy
  • Leaking
  • Freezer that has gotten to warm
  • Odd noises
  • Damaged condenser

Identifying the Source of Your Sub-Zero Refrigerator problem

Have you noticed that the groceries you’ve stored in your fridge don’t seem to be staying fresh as long as they used to? Have you also noticed an increase in your power bill? The problem could be your Sub-Zero refrigerator door. This problem is easy to troubleshoot. Simply run your hand along the edge of the door, if you feel any cool air drifting from the interior of the fridge, it indicates that your door seal is losing some of its magnetic grip. Strictly speaking, this is something a do-it-yourselfer could resolve, but most still choose to contact us. They have found that not only do we do the work more quickly than they can manage, but the final results also seem to last longer.

Why You Should Choose Us for all your Sub-Zero Appliance Repair

You work hard and take good care of your appliances, so when it comes to appliance repair in Laguna Beach, you deserve the best.

The best is exactly what you’ll get when you contact us. We’re completely and totally committed to providing you with the highest quality repairs and outstanding customer service. Once you’ve experience our stress free, hassle free appliance repair service, you’ll never even consider using another company. Another company that is as dedicated to providing each and every customer with the best possible repairs simply doesn’t exist.

Don’t forget that we’re not just willing to repair your Sub-Zero appliances, we’re also ready and willing to provide you annual professional maintenance that will increase the number of years you’ll be able to enjoy a perfectly functioning Sub-Zero appliance.

Call today and learn more!!