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True Appliance Repair

True Appliance RepairEven with a brand as dependable as True Manufacturing is, there may be typically a need for sudden emergency repairs or basic regular upkeep to get the longest possible life out of your True Manufacturing major home or commercial appliance. So, you should definitely select a company with licensed staff that will properly deal with whatever major or minor work that needs to be done. Our crew of licensed technicians is flexible and is very used to working on a variety of well-known brands for major appliances of any sort. An interesting fact to note is that not all of the appliance repair companies in Orange County are able to deal with refrigerator, wine cabinet and freezer repair in accordance with the particular make and model of your appliance. This is what is going to make a difference between reviving your True appliance and worsening the problems that it already has. At Orange County Appliance Repair, our technicians are very knowledgeable on how to service True Manufacturing appliances and have years of experience under their belts. Contact us at Orange County Appliance Repair to learn what options you have when it comes to fixing or repairing your True Manufacturing appliances.

The History of True Appliances

True Appliances had their start in 1945 when Frank Trulaske and his two sons Bob and Art created their first vertical freezer from their home garage in St. Louis, Missouri. They soon began to develop beer and beverage coolers from a large warehouse in downtown St. Louis.

Thanks to an unlikely encounter, things would soon take a turn for the better for their new business. One of True Appliances refrigerators were being used to cool drinks at a local bar when one of the 7up beverage company’s salesmen stopped to take a break while on a traveling sales route. These salesmen observed the appliance and its superior craftsmanship the biggest standout being that the refrigerator did not need any packs of ice that had been very pricey at that time. The 7up salesman inquired about the refrigerator and its manufacturer and in 1948 True Appliances sold its first round of True Roll Top Bottle Coolers to the 7UP company.

True Manufacturing is now known as the most significant and dominant foodservice and soft drink refrigeration and freezer appliance manufacturer in the world. 65 years since their start, True Appliances are continuing to expand and has now even reached the residential market with their True Professional Series line.

Whichever True refrigeration or freezer appliance that you own, you can be sure that at Orange County Appliance Repair has the best trained staff and the right factory original parts to ensure that whatever repairs or maintenance is required on your appliance, it will be done in the best, most professional manner.

Featured True Appliances

True Side by Side Refrigeration Appliances

  • The True 42
  • The True 48

True Side by Side Appliances

  • Under counter Freezer
  • Clear Ice Machine
  • Under counter Refrigeration
  • Under counter Refrigeration Drawer
  • Wine Cabinet
  • Beverage Dispenser
  • Beverage Center

True Manufacturing Awards for Excellence

True Appliances have been deemed by the leading industry dealers and specialist at Foodservice Equipment and Supplies Magazine as Best in Class in three categories for the past 15 years consecutively. These high performing refrigeration appliances are made from durable material and are made with the user in mind. The True Manufacturing refrigeration appliances not only ensure that food and beverages will be kept at their freshest but also that the appliances themselves will be practical and comfortable for the owner to use.

It’s important to have a brand that has a fine reputation in the market among professionals and individuals, so of course you want to choose a repair company with an excellent reputation as well. At Orange County Appliance Repair we have worked hard through the years to ensure that we will have an outstanding reputation in our community. If you ask around you will note that our repair technicians are honest, professional and friendly but don’t take others word for it, try out our service yourself and experience the first rate service at Orange County Appliance Repair.

Foodservice Best in Class Awards

  • Refrigerated Prep Tables
  • Upright Reach-In Refrigeration
  • Underbar Refrigeration

Sustainability at True Manufacturing

True Manufacturing has shown that they are committed to improving their sustainability in all areas from design to manufacturing and even shipping. In the design stage, True Manufacturing has striven to make their appliances more and more energy efficient by having energy saving modes and giving users the option of choosing lower temperatures that will help lower their energy usage.

True Manufacturing has already started to make changes to improve their eco friendliness. In their offices they have made the adjustment from using air conditioners that reduce energy consumption by using fresh air. They have also begun to use solar powered water heaters that reduce energy costs and cut their carbon footprint.

The shipping process at True Manufacturing has improved so that now the packaging system uses the  Box-on-Demand machine for all orders on parts. As its name implies, when a customer order a part from True Manufacturing the machine makes just the right size package for the item. This significantly reduces the waste of unneeded cardboard, Styrofoam and other packaging materials.

Design at True Manufacturing

True Appliances have made a name for themselves by manufacturing their products in the United States. By having their appliances built in the United States, they been able to provide jobs for many hard working Americans. Eight out of ten American consumers prefer to have American made products rather than imported ones and that is because they trust in the quality and safety measures in American products.

True appliances has been devoted making their manufacturing process eco-friendly by working hard to make sure their appliances meet the energy standards expectations but at the same time, they have a superior performance for users. Their appliances energy efficiency allows the appliance a longer usable life and reduces the appliances energy consumption which lowers their utility bill monthly.