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Viking Outdoor Grill and Barbecue Repair

Viking Outdoor Grill and Barbecue RepairViking has established quite a reputation for themselves in the outdoor grill business. As with most of the other appliances that bear the Viking name, the outdoor grills and barbecues are well made, take advantage of the latest technology, and are very user-friendly. As a result, they can be found in homes and businesses throughout Orange County.

As wonderful as the Viking outdoor grills and barbecues are, it’s important to remember that they aren’t going to last forever. Although it might very well be years from now, the day will come when you want to use your outdoor grill only to find that it’s broken.

Repair or Replace your Viking Barbeque

We have to admit that we’ve been shocked by the sheer number of people who seem to think that the absolute best way to deal with a Viking outdoor grill and barbecue that has suddenly stopped working properly is to replace it. While there might be times when replacing the unit is the best option, these are actually less frequent than you might think. More often than not, the most economical option is to contact Orange County Appliance Repair about our Viking outdoor grill and barbecue repair service. When you do, it’s likely that you’ll find that having your Viking grill repaired rather than replaced really is the smartest move you can make. The only way to know for sure is to contact us today and get an estimate for the repairs. Once you have this estimate, you’ll be able to use it to decide just what you should do. When weighing the cost of the repairs against the cost of a brand new grill, don’t forget that in most cases, the high quality of our repairs ensures that you enjoy several more years’ worth of use from your grill, and that we’re ready and willing to guarantee our work.

The Warranty

Another thing you need to consider when you experience problems with your appliance and find yourself weighing the pros and cons of Viking outdoor grill and barbecue against replacing the unit is the age of the unit. If the grill is under 3 years old, it’s still protected by a warranty. This means that as long as the work is done by someone who is determined to use Viking replacement parts and has been certified by the Viking manufacture, the repair work will be free. There have even been a few cases when it turned out that the Viking grill was a lemon and the company agreed to supplying the owner with a brand new, problem free, replacement.

Common Problems with Viking Outdoor Grills and Barbecues in Orange County

Temperature and Knobs

The most frequent complaint we get with regards to Viking outdoor grills and barbecues is that that unit’s knobs won’t quit falling off, which ends up frustration the person using the unit. Another common complaint is that despite their best efforts, the unit just never seems to reach the correct temperature. We understand the frustration connected to both of these problems and are ready and willing to help.

Unlike some of the Viking customer service reps who have reportedly made people stay on hold for unacceptably long periods of time and before skirting around the issue, we believe in tackling the problem head on. Some of the members of our wonderful Viking grill repair team have worked out creative ways of making the knobs stay exactly where they belong. Our Viking grill repair team is also fantastic when it comes to calibrating the thermostat. If the thermostat can’t be properly calibrated, it will be replaced with a brand new one that will work properly.

Problems with Viking Grill Circuit Boards

Another common complaint we get from irritated customers is that the circuit board isn’t working properly. This particular part is rather expensive to replace, but the good new is that once our Orange County Viking outdoor grill repair team does finish replacing the circuit board, it will work like a charm and provide you with several more year worth of use. In most cases, people find that the cost of the new circuit board to be a great deal more reasonable than replacing the entire outdoor grill and barbecue with a brand new one.

Hood Problems

When a Viking hood develops problems, it can be a scary situation. There have been reports of the fires breaking out when the faulty hood was left down on the grill. Other customers have said that when they did this, the pressure within the grill became so great, the knobs suddenly blew off. When this happens, you should stop using the grill and contact Orange County Appliance Repair about our Viking outdoor grill and barbecue repair services right away. Thanks to our 24/7 emergency repair policy, we’ll send someone right out to deal with the problem.

How You Can Decrease the Need for Emergency Viking Outdoor Grill and Barbecue Repair

The good news is that there are things you can do to save yourself the aggravation and stress of dealing with emergency Viking outdoor grill repairs.

The first thing you should do is contact us and arrange for a yearly maintenance appointment. The purpose of this appointment is to through examine the grill and look for small signs of problems that can be dealt with before they have a huge impact on the grill’s performance. During the maintenance appointment, our Viking outdoor grill expert will:

  • Identify worn parts and suggest having them replaced as quickly as possible
  • Make sure the grill is running efficiently
  • Ensure that the unit is clean
  • Answer any questions you have about the different things you can do during the year to ensure you don’t have any problems with the grill.

These maintenance appointments should take place once a year, but if you use your grill heavily, it won’t hurt to have Orange County Appliance Repair come out 2 times a year.

The other thing you can do that will help reduce the chance of you encountering a Viking outdoor grill emergency is really paying attention to how the grill is performing. Be alert to little changes in the way it cooks. When it seems like something isn’t quite right, contact us. We’ll send one of our County Viking outdoor grill and barbecue experts out. They’ll correct the problem before it has a chance to do additional damage to your grill.

You can Count on Orange County Appliance Repair

We’ve encountered some customers over the year who tried to cut corners and reduce the cost of Viking outdoor grill repair by using a shady company. This particular situation never ends well. More often than not it turns out that not only doesn’t the person who comes out to work on the outdoor grill not really know what they’re doing but they also use substandard parts which break just a few months after being added to the grill.

Orange County Appliance Repair is fully licensed and insured. We’re also trained to provide Viking grill repair and we’re very proud of this training. Not only does this certification mean that we provide top quality repairs, but that the work we do also meets the approval of Viking. The manufacturer knows that our ability to provide you with high quality Viking grill repairs increases the overall satisfaction the customer has with their Viking grill, making them more likely to purchase other appliances that bear the Viking name.

Call us to learn more about the quality of our Viking repair services.

Viking Replacement Parts

There’s no getting around the fact that the Viking replacement parts are expensive, but we know that the reason they cost so much is because they’re high quality. It has been our experience that by using the pricey Viking grill replacement parts, the overall quality of the repairs we provide is a great deal higher and will last years longer than repairs that didn’t use the same high quality parts. Not only do the parts do a better job of withstanding the test of time, but they also fit the Viking outdoor grills and barbecues better than generic replacement parts.

Even if you decide that you want to try to repair your Viking grill by yourself, we urge you to stick to the replacement parts that bear the name Viking. In the long run, you’ll be glad you did.

Why You Should Choose Orange County Appliance Repair

When it comes to Viking outdoor grill and barbecue repair, we’re the leading service in Orange County. It’s a position we worked hard to obtain and are determined to keep which is why we have no intention of lowering our standards of quality repairs and customer service. When you call us or use the online form to book an appointment, you can rest assured that you’ll be enjoying high quality Viking appliance repair in Orange County.

As much as we enjoy working with Viking outdoor grills and barbecues, they make up only a small portion of the Viking repair services we provide the good people of Orange County. You can also count on us when you need dependable repair work done on:


  • Viking refrigerators
  • Viking microwaves
  • Viking ranges
  • Viking cook tops
  • Viking built- in ovens
  • Viking ice makers
  • Viking wine cellars
  • Viking dishwashers
  • Viking freezers
  • Viking range hoods

Contact us today and learn how enjoyable working with Orange County Appliance Repair really is. We have a team of factory trained, fully authorized, friendly Viking repair technicians standing by who are ready and willing to handle whatever quirk one of your Viking appliances has developed.

Why Orange County Appliance Repair is your best Viking Outdoor Grill and Barbecue Repair Option

When it comes to repairing Viking outdoor grills, you won’t find any repair service in Orange County or the surrounding areas that has more experience than Orange County Appliance Repair. We’ve spent years amassing a team of Viking trained repair technicians that are the envy of our competition. Not only does each member of our team have a deep understanding of how Viking appliances work and the ability to quickly pinpoint the exact nature of the problem, they are also committed to providing you with the highest quality repairs possible. The sooner you contact us about our Viking outdoor grill and barbecue repair services, the sooner you’ll reap the benefit of our expertise and skills.
The quality of our repairs is just one of the reasons we’re Orange County’s preferred Viking grill repair service. The fact that we also keep our rates low and provide estimates that we always honor is another reason so many people turn to us when they have problems with their outdoor grills or other Viking appliances. We work hard to keep our repairs affordable.

When you contact us about an Orange County Viking outdoor grill repair appointment, you can count on:

  • Working with a fully licensed and insured, locally owned Viking repair service
  • Receiving a trustworthy written estimate
  • That our repair experts will arrive in fully stocked trucks and have everything needed to complete the job in a single appointment
  • Same Day Service
  • We happily repair all Viking grill and barbecue makes and models


When you stop and think about it, you really have nothing to lose and a whole lot to gain.

Our Viking outdoor grill services are available to Orange County residents, businesses, and property owners. When you call us, you can count on us to arrive on time for the scheduled appointment, to have everything we need to complete the job, and to not consider the job done until your completely satisfied with the results.

Don’t forget, our emergency service is available 24/7 and we’re even willing to handle your repair needs on all major holidays.

Call us today, and enjoy stress-free Viking outdoor grill and barbecue repairs in Orange County.