Sub Zero Repair in Trabuco Canyon

 Sub-Zero Appliance Repair in Trabuco Canyon

Sub Zero Repair in Trabuco Canyon

The first time anyone even heard about a Sub-Zero appliance was in 1943. That first Sub-Zero appliance was a freestanding freezer that had been designed and built by the man who would eventually become the company’s founder while he tinkered in his garage. It took some time, but he eventually developed an entire manufacturing company around refrigeration appliances. Years later, the company joined forces with Wolf Appliances and become one of the leading top end manufacturers of kitchen appliances.

People who have Sub-Zero appliances installed in their home or business quickly fall in love with the appliance and can’t imagine using a different brand.

Reasons Sub-Zero appliances are so incredibly popular include:

  • The large, freestanding fridge/freezer combination aren’t designed like all other brands. The Sub-Zero brand has two separate compressors. One for the freezer section and one for the refrigerator section
  • The door seal is a single piece, which decreases the odds of cool air escaping
  • The door also has extra tight hinges and magnetic gaskets which work to increase the appliances energy efficiency and preservation ability
  • The way Sub-Zero appliances have been designed allows you to arrange your kitchen in such a way that they seem like an extension of your cabinetry. It’s a stunning look.
  • The Sub-Zero patented air-filtration system helps reduce the number of odors, gasses, and bacteria within the appliance.

The most important thing to remember when it comes to your Sub-Zero is that whenever it stops working properly, you need to contact us. We have the tools, parts, knowledge, and resources needed to keep it in perfect working order.

The next time you have a problem with your Sub-Zero appliance, get in touch with us. We’ll resolve the matter, lickety-split. You won’t believe how easy we’ve made Sub-Zero appliance repair in Trabuco Canyon.

Repair or Replace a Malfunctioning Sub-Zero Appliance

While there are times when the best way to deal with a malfunctioning Sub-Zero appliance is by replacing it with a brand new item, more often than not, the appliance can actually be repaired and used for several more years, and since we’ve gone to great lengths to keep our Sub-Zero repair services low, the cost of the repairs will be a pleasant surprise. In most cases, we’ve been able to quickly troubleshoot and repair the damage in a very efficient and affordable manner. The best way to learn the projected cause of the Sub-Zero you require is by contacting us and inquiring about an estimate. The sooner you do; the sooner you can decide how you want to handle your current Sub-Zero appliance problem.

The estimate is free, so you have nothing to lose and a great deal to gain!

It’s our opinion that when a Sub-Zero is less than 15 yeas old, the smart move is to have it repaired.

Is Sub-Zero Appliance Repair Needed

Many of our customers have reported that they spent a great deal of time staring at their Sub-Zero appliance and trying to decide if something was wrong with it. To help ease the decision we’re providing you with a list of signs that indicate its time to contact us. These signs include:

  • Unexpected noises
  • Appliance running harder than normal
  • Lights have stopped turning on
  • Your energy bill has increased
  • Leaks
  • Knobs are getting stuck
  • The temperatures aren’t right.

Contacting us doesn’t automatically mean that you’re obligated to use our services. When you contact us you’ll get a free estimate that you can use to determine if you want to keep and repair your Sub-Zero appliance or if you’d rather replace it. Feel free to contact other local appliances repair services and ask for their estimate. We’re confident that they can match ours, but if they do, let us know an we’ll give you a lower estimate.

Common Sub-Zero Repair Problems we Resolve

Many Trabuco Canyon residents have at least one Sub-Zero appliance. The company specializes in refrigeration products which means that as soon as we hear that you’re in need of Sub-Zero repairs we know it probably means you’re dealing with:

  • Broken seals
  • Lights that won’t turn on
  • A unit that has started using way too much energy
  • Leaking
  • A freezer that is no longer properly freezing the contents
  • Odd noises
  • Damaged condensers

Don’t assume that your current repair issue is either to major or too small or us to manage. It’s not. We treat each call we get like our number one priority and will do whatever it takes to resolve the matter. The sooner you contact us, the sooner your appliance repair troubles will come to an end.

High-Quality Sub-Zero Repair at Reasonable Rates

The simple truth is that you’re not going to find a local Sub-Zero appliance repair service that provides higher quality repairs at a better rate. We have the best reputation in Trabuco Canyon and the surrounding areas. Traits that help us stand out from the competition include:

  • We have the best team of Sub-Zero appliance repair experts in California
  • We only use factory certified parts
  • An amazing customer service policy
  • We never charge hidden fees

You won’t find a company that does a better job providing a stress-free appliance repair experience or that is more committed to excellence than us.

Commercial Sub-Zero Repair

We love working with Trabuco Canyon business owners and hope to help restore some of your commercial appliances back to life the next time they break down. You’ll enjoy that we provide you with 24/7 emergency repair service, work quickly but accurately, and that we don’t disrupt employees or customers.

Residential Sub-Zero Repair

Trabuco Canyon residents who decide to utilize our services are always happy to utilize our services and have no reservations about recommending us their friends and families. As one of our residential clients, you’ll enjoy:

Having meetings arranged around your schedule

  • Rates you can afford
  • Same day, onsite service
  • Fantastic customer service
  • Free estimates and troubleshooting

Contact us today!