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Sub-Zero Appliance Repair in Villa Park

The first time anyone ever heard the name Sub-Zero was all the way back in 1943. That was the year the company’s founder created a freestanding freezer which was built within the confines of his garage. The company has come a long way since then and now manufactures several refrigeration appliances that are used for both residential and commercial purposes.

What Makes Sub Zero Appliances so Popular

Sub Zero Repair in Villa Park

Sub-Zero makes high-end appliances that come with a hefty price tag. The reason for the high purchase price is:

  • The fact that large Sub-Zero refrigerator/freezer combinations are made with two compressors, instead of the standard single compressor. As a result, the appliance will last longer. Not only does the dual compressor idea work well to extend the life of the appliance, but it also preserves food significantly longer
  • When you look at the way the door seals on your Sub-Zero refrigerator works, you’ll see that the system is one piece. The door is heavy than standard refrigerator doors and features tight hinges and magnetic gaskets. Every single door and drawer within the unit are designed the same way. The reason is that the doors are designed in such a way to keep food as fresh as possible for as long as possible and to ensure that the appliance is energy efficient. You’ll notice the different in both your grocery bills and electric bill
  • Many homeowners are attracted to the way Sub-Zero fridges are designed. The manufacturer worked hard to create built-in units that are crafted in such a way that they practically blend directly into the cabinets, looking more like a piece of elegant art than an appliance.
  • All Sub-Zero refrigeration appliances are designed with the brand’s patented air-filtration system which is designed to help remove the odors, gasses, and bacteria that not only causes fruits and vegetables to spoil at an accelerated rate, but that also creates that lingering odor.

These are just a few of the reasons our customers give when asked what drew them to the brand.

Sub-Zero Repair Appliance Repair in Villa Park

Villa Park residents and business owners had long turned to Sub-Zero when they wanted new appliances for their kitchens. It’s rare for us not to find at least one appliances bearing the Sub-Zero name when we visit an address. On a daily basis, we encounter Sub-Zero wine coolers, freezers, and refrigerators. Some of our personal appliances were made by Sub-Zero.

What to Do When Encountered with a Sub Zero Appliance Repair Emergency

No one enjoys returning from a long day at work only to discover that one of you favorite Sub-Zero appliances is not working properly. A panicked or angry reaction at this point is perfectly normal, but once you get over the initial shock, it’s likely you’ll start debating about whether you should invest in a brand new version of the same appliance or if you should contact us about getting the unit repaired.

It’s true that every situation is unique, but we truly believe that it’s in your best interest to contact us. We’re confident you’ll find that our Sub-Zero appliance repair services are the most economical solution.

Give us a Call!

If you own any Sub Zero, you should make sure you have us entered into your cell phone’s contact information. No matter what type of Sub Zero appliance you own, we’re ready to handle any and all of the repair work you require. We have an entire team of expertly trained, extremely experience Sub Zero repair experts standing by who want to see you get as much use out of your appliances as possible.

The Most Affordable Sub-Zero Appliance Repair Services

We understand why you might be nervous about asking about our rates. We’ve hear what the competition charges. You can rest assure, that when our rates won’t cost you an arm and a leg.  We don’t understand why the competition keeps their prices so high. We’ve worked to keep our overhead low. You’ll benefit from our efforts and enjoy the most reasonably priced Sub-Zero appliance repair in town.

When you call, don’t forget to inquire about what special promotions we’re offering.

The first thing we do after you contact us has troubleshot your Sub-Zero appliance and provide you with a free estimate. Our business philosophy ensures that we’ve provided you with the estimate, we honor it. The estimate you receive covers everything, including travel time, parts, labor, and fees. You don’t have to worry about any hidden costs or fees when you avail yourself of our top-notch appliance repair services. We’ve never charged them, and we don’t intend to start doing so now!

We Resolve All Sub-Zero Repairs

It won’t take you very long to discover that our low prices of our repairs are just one of the things our customers love about us. There’s a long list of explanations for why we generate so much positive word of mouth business.

  • We work on all Sub-Zero appliances, regardless of age, model, or overall condition. Just let us know which Sub-Zero appliance you have if you’re not sure, our customer service employee will walk you through the steps of finding the information. The Los Angeles summer days can get really hot. You want to know you can keep your home cool and comfy. If you really on a Sub Zero air conditioner to keep your home cool, we can help keep it in perfect working orders.
  • We’re also qualified to work on the Wolf Cooking Appliances, Sub-Zero’s sister appliance manufacturer.
  • We’re proud of our ability to provide one-stop repair services.

Find Out for Yourself

We don’t expect you to take our word that we’re the best Sub-Zero appliance repair service in Villa Park, we want you to find out for yourself. We’re confident we’ll meet all your expectations and more.

All you have to do is pick up the phone or fill out the online contact form and give us a call today!