Viking Refrigerator Repair

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Viking Refrigerator Repair

When the refrigerator was introduced to household kitchens in Orange County, life became a great deal simpler. Not only was it possible for people to purchase several days’ worth of groceries, but the odds of getting ill as a result of eating spoiled food also decreased. Today, many of the refrigerators in Orange County are state of the art Viking refrigerators.

Viking Refrigerator RepairWhen you come home and find out your Viking refrigerator has gone on the fritz, its natural feel an instantaneous and overwhelming sense of panic. All sorts of horrible scenarios, coupled with visions of thousands of dollars you’ll imagine spending in order to rectify the situation will dance through you head. This is a natural reaction, but after a few seconds you need to quiet your mind and call Orange County Appliance Repair. We specialize in Viking Appliance Repairs and our Viking refrigerator repair services are just what you need to get your unit up and running and restore order to your life.

What Can Go Wrong

Gone are the days when the household refrigerator was a simple unit. The Viking models used today take advantage of the latest technology and are very complicated machines. They are made up with several different components, which include;

Condenser Coil-This helps move the coolant through the appliance. It’s important that it’s kept clean and free of blockages

Evaporator Coil-After air passes through the condense coil it enters the evaporator coil where it absorbs any heat that travels through your Viking fridge. If it doesn’t work properly, the unit will overheat.

Should you do your own Viking Refrigerator Repairs

Many people wonder if rather than calling us, they should work on their Viking refrigerator themselves. The answer to this isn’t always simple. This is a complex machine and if you don’t have experience working on similar appliances, you could do more damage than you repair. However, if you’re good at do-it-yourself projects, know what the problem is, and have a working knowledge of how you Viking unit works you’re welcome to try. Just make sure you unplug the fridge before doing anything and make sure you factory certified Viking replacement parts.

Commonly Experienced Problems

We’ve been handling Viking Refrigerator repairs for a long time and we’ve noticed some problems are more common than others. Issues we’re most frequently asked to resolve include;

  • Faulty icemakers
  • Leaks
  • Blocked drainage units

Why Us

We promise, that once you have availed yourself of our Orange County Viking Refrigerator repair services, you’ll never want to use another repair company every again. Simply put, we’re the best. We’re the only appliance repair company in Orange County that not only makes sure we have an entire team of professionals who are both properly certified and have the experience needed to handle any of your Viking refrigerator repairs. We also make sure that they’re equipped with the best tools and factory certified parts. When you call us, you can rest assured the job will be done quickly, accurately, and you won’t have any additional problems with your Viking refrigerator.

In addition to Viking refrigerator repairs, we can also handle yearly maintenance.