Frigidaire Washer Maintenance Tips

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Frigidaire Washer Maintenance Tips

There is no doubt that doing laundry is not always a fun task to undertake. That is even truer if you are working with a washing machine that has not been well maintained. And since there will always be laundry to do, why not make it easier by taking the time to follow these Frigidaire washer maintenance tips. They are easy to remember and will not take much time away from actually doing your laundry. Before you know it, you will be routinely checking for maintenance issues on your machine and won’t be worrying about calling us to come out and repair your Frigidaire washing machine.

Frigidaire Washer Maintenance
Consider first one the most overlooked parts of your washing machine, the hoses that carry the water to and from your washer. Of the Frigidaire washer maintenance tips that you must remember this one could save you money as well as a headache later on down the road. At least once a month you should take a minute and check the hoses to be sure there are no cracks that could cause a possible leak. Leaking water is not a good thing when it comes to a washing machine or any other appliance for that matter. If you do spot an issue, even if it seems small, take care of it right away by replacing the hose.

If you know before the inspection of the hose that it hasn’t been replaced for at least five years, replace it now. The best choice for a good quality hose is a stainless steel hose. This is a simple way to prevent a small leak or large leak from causing major damage to your home later on. The next thing on the list of Frigidaire washer maintenance tips has to do with keeping your washer clean on the inside.

Clean the Wash Basin

Cleaning the inside of the wash basin as well as the dispensers may not seem like one of the most important Frigidaire washer maintenance tips, but it definitely is something you need to do. At least once a month you should spend a moment to drop in some washing machine cleaner into your washer. Since washing machines are filled with dirty clothes all the time and have a lot of water going in and out of them, they can easily develop build up. The special washing machine cleaner will get that gunk out and leave your washer smelling cleaner than ever.

A few other forgotten Frigidaire washer maintenance tips have to do with how you fill your washing machine with clothes and detergent. You never want to have so many clothes in your washer that you have to shove them in to fit. Overfilling the wash basin could mean that your clothes won’t have room to properly wash or rinse. You are also risking damaging the machine itself. You must also pay close attention to how much detergent you use in each load. Follow the manufacturer’s advice on this and steer clear of the directions on the detergent bottle.