Range – Stove – Oven Maintenance Tips

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Range – Stove – Oven Maintenance Tips

Let us start with the basics and then we will work our way through all the essentials of range – stove – oven maintenance tips.

Broiler Pan

Clean the broiler pan, made of porcelain-coated steel in most ranges/ovens, with a non-abrasive cleanser. The Broiler Pan and Insert can be purchased as a replacement from our website.

Control panel

Feel free to use non-abrasive cleaners on the control panels of most ranges/ovens, which are composed of painted metal or glass. You can use glass cleaners or liquid degreasers.

Never directly spray cleaners directly on the control panel. Rather, put some cleaner on a soft, damp rag before wiping the surface.

Cooktop CareStove Maintenance

All porcelain cooktops can be cleaned with non-abrasive cleansers.

However, do not pour the cleanser onto the cooktop. Wipe the surface with a little bit of cleaner on a soft, damp rag.For cooktop service and repair, contact us at (714) 769 6469 to schedule an appointment.

Burner drip pans (bowls)

As part of regular maintenance, replace the drip pans every few years. These bowls can be located under the heating element on an electric stove or range or below the grates on gas stoves or ranges. You should replace them regularly because once they’re stained, you can’t clean them completely.

With your appliance model number as a reference, you can order either universal bowls from our parts section or replacement original bowls by visiting our website.

Glass cooktops and Windows

Every time you clean glass and ceramic cooktops, only use products, like the Frigidaire Rangetop Cleaner in our parts section, specifically made for this purpose.

Be careful not to clean any hot glass surfaces as you may get burned! It doesn’t matter, however, which cleaner you use to clean your glass oven windows.

Knob Care

You might need to replace the knobs on your unit if if the numbers or lettering have faded away. Some dish detergent with a moist rag should be enough to safely clean the knobs on your range or oven.
Visit our Parts Order Center with your model number ready to buy knobs to replace the original knobs for your range or oven. Universal knob sets can also be purchased by visiting our website. These fit most ranges or ovens.

Light bulbs

Replace the light bulb(s) in your range or oven regularly. You can remove the glass covering or dome in order to be able to remove the light bulb. Most of the lights inside the oven need a universal 40 watt bulb.

Oven Care

Simply read the owner’s manual to clean a self-cleaning oven. This feature works by heating the oven’s interior to a high temperature. The oven needs to be so hot that it incinerates the residue inside the oven. Call or e-mail the manufacturer or check your owner’s manual for how to clean your oven. It is usually not smart, though, to clean the interior of a self-cleaning oven with a spray cleaner.

You can use any oven cleaner, for example those at grocery or hardware stores, to clean a non-self-cleaning oven.

Solid burner element

Some ranges and stoves come with heating element burners. These are usually solid metal, with no coil, and the stove or range is not ceramic nor glass. Replacing the heating element should be done by a trained oven repair specialist.