DCS Stove Maintenance Tips

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DCS Stove Maintenance Tips

Some people might argue that the most important appliance in the home is the stove. No matter what other appliances you may feel like you absolutely need to have, you have to admit that without a stove it would be hard to eat some of your favorite foods and you need food to survive. You can only have so many cold sandwiches before you start craving some hot home cooked comfort food. The following DCS stove maintenance tips will help you to make sure you never have to live without your stove as long as you take a few steps to care for your stove.

The best thing you can do for your stove is to make sure that no matter what you are cooking on your stove, you clean it as soon as possible after cooking. There are many products that you can use to clean a stove, but you must make sure you check out your owner’s manual before you choose cleaning products. If you use the wrong cleaners and sponges you run the risk of scratching up the surface of your stove. Though this may not seem like one of the most important DCS stove maintenance tips to remember, it can cause more than just aesthetic issues for your stove.

Glas Stovetops

Since there are many different types of stove tops, you can imagine there are many different ways that you can clean a stove top. If you own or plan to buy a glass stove top, then you need to be sure that you also buy a cleaner that is made specifically for this type of stove. Do not use any other type of cleaner and make sure that you use a soft cloth or paper towel with the cleaner. For people who have a stove top with grates and burner pans, be sure that you clean these as well. Burner pans can be more difficult to clean, especially if you let the food get cooked onto them. If you aren’t sure how and what to use to clean your stove top, let your owners manual give you DCS stove maintenance tips.

If you own a gas stove there are other DCS stove maintenance tips that you need to keep in mind. Because you are dealing with natural gas, you must make sure that your stove is not leaking gas into your home.  Another issue that some gas stove owners complain about is that their burners are slow to light. In your stove, there are small air holes that allow the pilot light to light the gas. Just like other parts of your stove, they can become dirty with dust or other particles. Simply make sure the stove is turned off then clean out these holes with a safety pin or similar metal object.

Hopefully, these DCS stove maintenance tips are important enough that you will remember them the next time you use your stove top. And always remember that when you are using a stove, you need to remember that fires can happen very easily when you are not paying attention to what you are doing. Keeping your stove top clean and remembering to turn off burners when you are done cooking is the best way to prevent these types of fires.