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The residents of Costa Mesa lead very busy lifestyles. With so much going on, dry cleaning tends to be at the very bottom of the list. Very few people living in Costa Mesa are prepared for a laundry emergency. Suddenly, the dryer breaks and they are left to decide between hanging their laundry out on the clothesline, and dragging their wet clothing to the laundry mat.

If you have a sudden problem with your dryer in Costa Mesa, we can help! Orange County Appliance Repair offers 24/7 service to get your appliances running properly again in no time.
Although each dryer repair in Costa Mesa is unique, we always strive for the same conclusion. By the time we’ve wrapped up the service call, we don’t just want your dryer to be working, but we also want you to feel that you’ve been the recipient of the best customer service you’ve ever received. We take great pleasure in knowing we have a plethora of happy customers who know that they have nothing to fear if they ever need to arrange for another dryer repair in Costa Mesa.

Dryer Repair Costa Mesa

We went to great lengths to make sure that every single dryer repair technician we send out on repair job has received the best possible factory training, has plenty of on the job experiences, and has been equipped with the best tools and spare parts available. Armed with these three things the techs will be ready to handle a variety of dryer problems including:

  • The dryer overheating
  • Clothes getting damage while drying
  • Setting dials that have either snapped off, or gotten stuck
  • A machine that rocks back and forth while drying
  • Clothing that always comes out feeling damp instead of dry and toasty
  • Strange dryer odors
  • A broken dryer display
  • Tumbling mechanism that doesn’t work
  • Broken lint tray

It won’t take very long before you discover that being able to once again dry your clothing will be just one of the perks to arranging for Orange County Appliance Repair Service to handle your dryer repair costa mesa needs. In addition to doing an excellent job repairing your dryer, every single employee you encounter will provide you with some of the best customer service you’ve ever experienced.