Solutions to Dishwasher Problems

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Simple Solutions to 3 Common Dishwasher Problems

Have a look at the essential tasks required for repairing your dishwasher. Let us know what you think and comment below with any questions, concerns, or suggestions.

Dishwasher Drainage Issues: Backing Up Into Sink

Common Dishwasher ProblemsThe most common solution to a dishwasher drainage problem is a blocked hose.  You can easily repair the hose yourself by manually cleaning out the blockage or snaking the drain.  Many people decide to go out and purchase one of the many powerful drain cleaners that are available on the market when they have drainage problems, but quite often these products do more harm than good.
For instance if the chemicals in the product are strong enough they can corrode the hose or damage it.  Chemicals in most cleaning products travel through hoses or drains too quickly.  By cleaning the drain out manually you reduce the chances of damaging the hoses attached to your dishwasher, and you avoid the bill that comes with calling a dishwasher repair company to look at your drain and tell you to do the exact same thing.

Leakage Problems

A leaky dishwasher can do a lot of damage very quickly.  The good news is that if you have a leaky dishwasher it is likely only being caused by one of two problems.  The first issue that causes leaky dishwashers is not loading the dishwasher properly.  If a dishwasher is loaded with too many dishes the water jets on the dishwasher can be blocked which leads to leaks.  The other big issue that causes leaks is a bad door seal on the dishwasher.

If the rubber door seal is not tight enough it can lead to leaking along the edge of the door during the wash cycle.  You can check by hand to see if there is any damage to the rubber seal around your dishwasher door.  If it is damaged it need to be replaced immediately.  Most appliance repair stores will carry the door seals for a number of different brands of dishwashers.  If you have any trouble finding the seal that you need you can always go online to find it.

Drainage Issues: Will Not Drain

Another common drainage issue is when the dishwasher will not drain at all.  Issues with the drainpipe or the sink trap often cause this.  If either of these components is clogged the dishwasher will not drain properly.  In most cases these issues can be fixed by simply snaking the drain.  There will occasionally be instances where the problem is more serious, but there is still no need to go out and call a professional.  If snaking the drain does not solve the problem, you should check the hoses connected to the dishwasher.  If there is a kink or bend in the hose it can also keep the dishwasher from draining properly.  Replacing a hose is a pretty simple task, and the hose can be replaced with any brand of dishwasher hose as long as it fits.