Solutions for your Refrigerator Problems

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Solutions for Your Refrigerator Problems

These days, people are turning to more healthy options when it comes to eating. Thanks to advancement in the spread of knowledge about healthy choices out there, people flipping the switch for naturally raised food items. These foods don’t have many preservatives and are easily perishable so you have to rely on a refrigerator.

The first refrigerator was made in the early 1800’s which used a vapor-compression method. The first ice making machine was made in the year 1854. But refrigerators were introduced into homes way later, in the year 1914 in 1923, the first self-contained refrigeration unit was launched.

Solving All Your Refrigeration IssuesRefrigerator Problems

Coming back to the present day, every home needs a fridge for storage and for cooling of food and drinks. We can’t even imagine living without one because it has made our lives so much easier. If your refrigerator stops working, not only will your food get spoilt but it will cause further inconvenience by leaking as well.

Instead of having to throw away your food and face other issues, its best to get the problem solved as soon as possible. So if you are facing the problem of a refrigerator that has stopped functioning in any way, give us a call. We are a professional appliance repair company and refrigerators also come under one of the things that we repair.

Types of Refrigerators we can Fix

The most traditionally used fridge type is the top freezer type. It’s found in most homes and it’s highly economical. We also fix bottom freezer type refrigerators and side by side ones. Some people have compact fridges which are present mostly in dorm rooms and for small-scale purposes.

We even deal with French door-styled fridges and counter depth ones which come in full size. If you have a freezer-less refrigerator (used only for cooling purposes) and it shows any signs of malfunction, we can fix that too.

We have also handled wine and beverage fridges which are mostly present in motels or hotels. If you have any of these, belonging to any brand and you have an issue with it, we can fix it for you. We can even replace a part that’s damaged using authentic, branded parts only.

Book an Appointment Today

Many people go through extra hassle because they try to fix a broken fridge themselves. That’s usually not a sound idea especially if you have never done it before or you’re just guessing. Give us a call at our hotline number. It is open 24 hours a day all around the year.

You can tell us about the particular issue you are facing and we can try to guide you to fix it. But if we see that it’s a situation that you can’t handle without some professional help, we will help you set up and appointment with us so that we can send a trained professional to get your fridge fixed.

We will also give you an estimated value for our services so you can decide for yourself. If any part needs a replacement then we can do that for you too. The last thing you would want is a broken fridge, leaking water and spoiling your food, making your life miserable. Allow us to take care of the situation in no time at all.

What not to Do

You should never ever vent your refrigerator yourself. It is highly dangerous to you and your family and even the people in your neighborhood. In several states, it’s even illegal to vent a refrigerator without having the proper certification to do so. So you can understand the amount of damage that it can cause if you try it. Just give us a call and let us handle it.

Most common refrigerator issues

Here is a list of the things that can go wrong with your fridge. We can fix any kind of issues and if you face any of the following issues, make sure to give us a call-

  • Water leakage
  • Refrigerator isn’t cooling fast enough
  • You hear a whirring sound when you open the fridge door
  • The motor doesn’t turn on
  • Light doesn’t work
  • Freezing isn’t happening fast enough or not happening at all
  • Wiring or fuse issue
  • You see smoke or sparks somewhere around the fridge (usually from the back)
  • The fridge sides feel unusually warm
  • Broken doors or any broken compartment
  • Freezer works but cooling doesn’t occur properly or at all, or vice-versa

We have a Team of Professionals at Your Service

You can completely rely on us for some excellent customer service and we can say this with 100% assurance because we hand pick all our staff. When we interview someone, we make sure that a complete background check has been done on the person. Each and every professional staff that we have on our team has undergone extensive factory training and tests and is skilled enough to handle any kind of situation regarding refrigerator repair.

Even our customer care staff has been trained to handle various situations on the phone because sometimes malfunctioning electrical equipment can be a dangerous situation. Also, we take our time to make sure that each and every staff member forms a respectful and friendly relationship with each customer because we understand that good services start with good behavior.

We like to see a smile on every customer’s face when our job is done. That’s why we are here to help you with the best possible services at sterling rates. We will fix your refrigerator in the quickest and most efficient way possible. Depending on the situation, we also offer same day or even on the spot repairs as well.

We also handle businesses and large scale repair work. We have several customers who own businesses such as restaurants, offices, cafes, etc. We understand what kind of an issue it becomes if a fridge breaks down in such a scenario so we make sure that when you give us a call, we are quick with our services, discreet and dignified so that your business can go back to normal as soon as possible.