Dryer Maintenance Tips

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Dryer Maintenance Tips

Clothes Dryer Maintenance Tips

Below is a list of the following essential elements to properly do a dryer maintenance.

Dryer Vent

Aluminum is mostly used to make the vent pipe of the dryer. In the past, a white vinyl duct was used. However, now it doesn’t meet a lot of building codes, simply because a fire might begin at home from your dryer igniting it. Check the entire length of the vent pipe for lint build-up at least once a year, or more often if the dryer gets a lot of use.

Note: Remove the lint from the duct and do not simply push it back to the dryer or let it clog any half of the vent.

Interior of Dryer Cabinet

The lint filter is used to attract the lint that’s created from cloth tumbling within a dryer. But some lint gathers and invariably escapes inside the dryer cabinet. You want to check the inside of the cabinet at least once a year and clean it if needed. You can scrub the dryer cabinet frequently when the dryer is utilized heavily.

Lint Filter

You need to look for and clean the lint filter once during each drying cycle. You will need to switch the lint filter if it holds any rips or tears. It’s easy to scrub it with a soft-bristle brush and some detergent when the filter gets clogged up by material softener residue.

Area under the lint filter

It is possible to scrub the chute, duct, or areas that the lint filters through. You can use a vacuum cleaner to reach into the duct and clean it.

Note: You’ve got to disassemble the dryer and clean out the lint when the lint build-up is severe. You should consult a professional appliance technician since there’s a risk of injuring yourself or damaging the equipment. We offer this with our dryer repair service, call today to schedule an appointment.