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Dryer FAQ

When you have a problem with your dryer, it might seem overwhelming. Take time to browse these common questions to learn more about how to maintain and care for your dryer.

How Much Time Should It Take to Dry My Clothes?

  • It typically takes 45 minutes to dry a large load of laundry. When it takes the dryer longer than 45 minutes, you could have a clog in the vent tubing system. Contact an appliance repair technician to check it out to prevent a potential fire hazard. This kind of dryer repair service can save you from a potential fire hazard.

How Often Do You Have to Empty the Lint Filter?

  • It should be cleaned after each cycle.

What Kind of Vent Should I Use For My Dryer?

  • Building codes now require that all clothes dryers have metal ductwork. Aluminum tubing comes in either flexible or stiff options. Always choose the stiff tubing because it is most resistant to clogs and rarely collects lint.

Is White Vinyl Tubing A Good Option?

  • White vinyl ductwork is highly flammable. This is a dangerous choice and we highly recommend that people choose aluminum ducting instead to prevent a house fire.

Am I Supposed to Oil the Dryer’s Motor and Rollers?

  • No. It is never necessary to oil your dryer’s motor or rollers. In fact, dryers were designed so that they wouldn’t need to be oiled at all. The squeak could be coming from a pulley or even the roller shaft. Check the roller, pulley, and shaft for clogs. You may need to clean or replace these parts.

I Want a Dryer That Will Be Cheap to Run. Should I Choose Gas or Electric?

  • Running a gas dryer is cheaper. You can expect to spend about half as much as you would with an electric dryer.

Is It Bad to Use Dryer Softener Sheets?

  • Yes and No. Dryer sheets are not harmful in and of themselves. But over time, they leave behind a residue that coats the electric moisture sensor and the lint filter. They also commonly get caught in the inner vents. Make sure you are properly cleaning out the dryer and removing the sheets after every load.
  • You should also clean your lint filter with a soft bristle brush and a drop of detergent from time to time to prevent it from clogging up. You can wipe off the electric moisture sensor with a soft cloth dipped in alcohol.

What Will Happen If My Dryer Isn’t Level?

  • Level dryers perform best because the machines were designed to operate on a level platform. If it isn’t level, the components will wear out or it won’t run well.

We offer fast reliable dryer repair services in the Orange County area. Call today to schedule an appointment.