Keep Your Dryer Working

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Keep Your Dryer Working

Keep Your Dryer Running

When it comes to appliance repair, there are things far worse than dryer repair. Dryers really don’t have all that many parts, and they don’t vary much from the gas to electric dryers. This makes it easy for many homeowners to handle dryer repair on their own. The trick will be for homeowners to recognize when they can handle the dryer repair, and when it’s time for them to call for professional help.

Failure to Start

Appliance repair companies report that the most common dryer repair call they get has to do with the dryer failing to start. This really isn’t as serious a problem as it first seems. There are lots of reasons from a clogged gas line, to a blown circuit, to a broken part that can cause the dryer to fail to turn on. The best place to start will be the source of power. If you have an electric dryer, you need to make sure you haven’t blown a circuit, if you have a gas dryer, make sure you haven’t accidentally shut off the gas. After checking these things out, you can look for problems with the door switch, the thermostat, the on/off switch, the dryer belt, the motor timer, and the dryer’s internal fuse. The root of the problem needed will determine the type of dryer repair services you need.

Damp Clothing

It’s a disappointing feeling, your reach into your dryer, expecting to feel warm dry clothing, and you come up with handfuls of damp clothing. When this happens, it usually means there’s an airflow problem. This can be very simple to check. Turn on your dryer, go outside, and place your hand over the external dryer vent. Not only should you feel a warm blast of air, you should also be able to smell your clean clothing. If you don’t feel the warm air, you need to pull out your dryer and make sure the hose hasn’t gotten pinched. If the hose seems good, you’ll want to call a professional and have them blow out the vent. This would also be a good time to have the same professional clean your HVAC ducts.

Cleaning out your lint tray every time you use your dryer will go a long way towards preventing future clogs.

More serious causes of clothing remaining damp despite having gone through an entire cycle include a burned out flame sensor, coils not working properly, gas valves malfunctioning, faulty thermostat.

Common Dryer Problems

Have you noticed that your dryer seems to be heating up nicely, but it no longer spins? The issue could be that your belt tensioner or drum belt no longer work. A thumping noisy machine needs to be leveled. To handle squeaking, you will want to replace your drum bearing or idler pulley.

In addition to everything else, you want to occasionally pull your dryer away from the wall and take a look at the vent hose. In order for your dryer to function properly, this hose needs to be in really good repair.