Sub Zero Maintenance Tips

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Sub Zero Maintenance Tips

Sub Zero Refrigerator Repair

It can be expensive to repair a Sub Zero refrigerator but regular maintenance can prevent these expenses. We have gathered some basic maintenance suggestions to help you with your refrigeration units. We want to make sure to the life span of your fridge and its functions work smoothly for as long as possible, with the least cost to you.

Storing Food in your Sub Zero

  • Before storing food, ensure that your sub-zero refrigerator is on 40 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Seafood, poultry, and raw meats shouldn’t be stored with the rest of the foods. Also, make sure that juices coming from these foods don’t drip on other food packages.

Cleaning the Exterior

  • Clean the stainless steel exterior with a nonabrasive, soft cleaner of stainless steel. You should use this product only with a completely lint free soft cloth.
  • You may clean the steal with water and a light soap to finish the job.
  • In order to make sure your fridge looks in top shape, pay attention to the lighting in the room. Smoothly wipe the refrigerator with a microfiber rag to bring out the natural color. Make sure the cloth is damp and then dry it with chamois that polishes. The stainless steel should be pressed against the cloth the entire time for best cleaning.

How to clean interior

  • Cleaning the interior of your Sub Zero is also important. A light mixture of soap and luck warm water mixed with some baking soda is a great option. Then rinse and next dry the surface. However, be very careful NOT to use vinegar in your cleaning because damage to parts may occur. Also, make sure to not get any water on your lights, display panel, and/or control panel.

Cleaning the glasswell

    • A solution composed of baking soda, water, and soap works well to clean the glasswell, although it does depend on your unit’s model number. After removing the dispenser water grill, wipe up any spill thoroughly.

Cleaning the Condenser on your Sub Zero

  • You can find the condenser behind the grill. Once you have located it, remove the grill. A soft bristle brush and vacuum of the lint and dust from the condenser is then necessary. Make sure to do this every quarter to half a year.

Cleaning the ice chute

  • Ice may periodically get lodged in the ice chute. In order to recognize the ice chute, look for a clear plastic housing. This pushes ice from the freezer to the glass well part that dispenses ice in the door. In order to have the chute cleaned, you will need to take off the shelves adjacent. Next, take off the screw located in the lower left corner of the panel on the side of the unit. You should be able to see the ice chute if you take off the panel. Finally, press the two locking tabs on the sides of the refrigerator to remove the side. This will allow you to pull up.

Sub Zero refrigerators are some of the best refrigeration systems out there. When you need Sub Zero repair it is important to hire someone who specializes in repairing Sub Zero refrigerators.