Refrigerator Maintenance Tips

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Refrigerator Maintenance Tips

Have a look at our list for your convenience on Refrigerator Maintenance Tips.

Manual-defrost refrigerator/freezers

A manual defrost refrigerator/freezer requires almost no maintenance.

However, frost may accumulate on the freezer’s inside walls at times. If you can see frost half an inch or more thick, remove the food from the refrigerator/freezer. Then make sure to unplug the unit. You can also turn off the thermostat to melt the frost instead.

Once the frost has melted all the way, turn the unit back on. Wait for the unit to reach its operating temperature and then restock it with food.

Self-defrosting refrigerator/freezers

On the other hand, self-defrosting refrigerators/freezers do not require manual defrosting. The refrigerator/freezer, every 6 to 8 hours, heats up its cooling coils slightly. This allows any frost on the coils to melt away. The water can then drain into a shallow pan, found on the bottom of the refrigerator/freezer.

In addition, you need to empty the pan since the water in it will evaporate. If it begins to smell bad over time, you can always remove it for periodic cleaning. To do this, detach the lower grill and subsequently slide the pan out the front of the refrigerator/freezer.

Note: Be careful if mold begins to grow in the drain pan because it may pose a health concern. If your drain pan is removable or you are sensitive to mold, you may want to clean the drain pan.

Every year, you need to clean the cooling fan as well as the set of coils, located under your refrigerator/freezer. The coils may look like a wide radiator or a grate. Simply unplug the refrigerator/freezer and then use a Refrigerator Condenser Brush, available in the parts section on our website, to clean the unit. Finally, vacuum left-over pet hair, lint, and remaining residue from the coils.

For most odors in the refrigerator/freezer, baking soda is a great solution. However, you may also experience stronger smells. If you need refrigerator repair, call us at (714) 769 6469 to schedule an appointment.