How to Use a Thermador Convection Oven

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How to Use a Thermador Convection Oven

A convection oven is quicker and more efficient than a standard conventional oven because of the internal fans that spread the heat around.  These fans help to heat the cooking food up from all around rather than by just using heat from the top or bottom coils of a conventional oven.  Some differences in cooking and preparation should be expected when using the Thermador convection oven. Our technicians are specially trained to service and repair Thermador convection ovens.

How Does the Convection oven Work?Thermador convection oven

The fans that are built into the Thermador convection oven will actually blow on the cooking food to heat it up not only from the heat of the oven but the heat from the fans as well.  A conventional oven will only have the heat beaming down from the coils so that the dish will slowly heat up as it gets to be a very high temperature.  An example could be air drying your hair out on the porch on a hot day (conventional oven, using hot temperatures to achieve goal) versus using a hair dryer to dry your hair (convectional oven, using hot temperatures plus a fan to achieve goal).  Your hair will more than likely dry faster and more efficiently (look better) with the hair dryer than if you just sat outside in the heat waiting.

It is thought that while the fans allow the food in a convection oven to cook at a faster rate, the food also gets cooked more thoroughly, giving it better consistency and taste.  In a conventional oven, where it will take higher temperatures and longer times to cook, sometimes your meals may come out dryer than what you would like.  Because of the advanced cooking inside the Thermador convection oven, your meals should cook shorter allowing the water and juices to stay locked in, resulting in a more flavorful meal.

Tips on Cooking Temperature, Cookware, and Cook Time

Thermador Convection Oven Cooking Temperature

As with a conventional oven, it is a good idea to preheat your convectional oven each time you intend to cook a meal inside of it.  It should not take any longer than 15 minutes to for a 27 to 30-inch convectional oven to preheat to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.  The Thermador convection oven requires that you decrease the desired cooking temperature for your dish by 25 degrees Fahrenheit.


In order to make the most of your Thermador convection oven’s fanned air, you should use cookware that is short in height.  Feel free to use a dark or light colored pan without changing the desired time or temperature with the Thermador convection oven.  It is suggested that when baking cookies in a convection oven that you are to use a light-colored aluminum pan with raised edges to get the most desirable taste.

Cook Time

It is suggested to stay close to your Thermador convection oven so that you are able to start smelling your baked goods.  Because of the fan distributing heat to your food, it will cook faster so you will want to check your food when you smell it to be sure it is not overcooking.  You will not want to continuously open the convection oven, so be sure to have a cooking thermometer on hand so that you can be sure the temperature in the middle of the dish reaches 165 degrees Fahrenheit.